Money Mantras: 21+ Positive Affirmations for Money That Really Work!

Money Mantras - Positive Affirmations for Money That Really Work

I know what you’re thinking; money mantras, positive affirmations? Do they even work?

Well, they do – but there’s a catch.

There’s more to affirmations than screaming into the void.

In fact, if you look at the money mantras listed below, not so much as empty promises you’re making to yourself, but as a stream of thoughts directed towards a specific outcome, you will find they do work.

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It’s true: as skeptical as you might have been when clicking on this post, you will come out of it with a handful of positive affirmations that will help you reach your financial goals and never worry about money again.

Don’t trust me? Trust science; affirmations really do work!

So, without further ado – here they are!

Money Mantras: 21+ Positive Affirmations for Money That Really Work! That's right! 21 positive affirmations that will help you reach your financial goals and never worry about money again

1. I invite more money to come into my life daily.

The first one’s a given. If you’re starting to read through this list, chances are you would gladly welcome more money to come into your life – if only it did!

But, by drilling this mission into your mindset, you will find that you might start seeing money where before you saw nothing; that old couch, those dirty sneakers, even those rusty coupons you were too lazy to start using.

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2. I am grateful for the opportunity to increase my income.

Perhaps you’re already making money – just not enough. 

By bringing this mantra with you into work, you might just think, what if I ask for a raise?

You might have been swatting the thought for years – but it might be time to embrace it! Breathe in, breathe out and walk in your boss’ office to tell him you deserve more.

3. I am accountable for my success.

Money troubles can get you down; you might be feeling sad or insecure, or like you’re a failure for not securing that financial opportunity or that well-paid position. 

But sometimes it’s good to take a good look around you – and value yourself.

Either it is the rent, the groceries, or even the cat food; you’re the one providing, and, even if it’s not much, pat yourself on the back! You’ve earned it.

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4. Making money is easy.

“No it isn’t”, you might retort. “That’s why I’m here”.

However, this is one of the most important mantras to repeat to yourself time and time again.

It’s time for you to deconstruct this idea that being rich is only meant to happen to others. It can also be meant for you! 

The quicker you start believing you were born to be rolling in dough, the sooner you’ll be.

5. I love the freedom that comes with financial security.

What does having money mean to you? Happiness? Hard to tell. Freedom? Definitely. 

At least, the road to freedom is much less bumpy if you’ve got a few dollars in the bag. If you need some more scientific backing, take a look at Maslow’s famed hierarchy of needs.

By affirming that it will help you to be free, secure, and happy, you will see that you will have double the motivation to chase that bag. 

6. I spend money wisely.

This one is key. You might find yourself coming into a lot of cash – but if you blow it all on shoes and bling, it was all for nothing, and you will find yourself in the slumps again soon.

It is important to remind yourself of the importance of spending less. It’s possible to live frugally and happily.

That doesn’t mean not spending anything at all; it just means learning how to successfully invest your riches successfully.

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Tracking your finances and valuing savings is a great place to begin. 

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7. Money comes to me effortlessly.

Contrary to what you may think, making money isn’t rocket science; these days, you can even do it from your phone without ever leaving the house! 

You may not be making millions, but money-making apps like Foap and iPoll can help you turn a quick buck straight out of your screen. No more excuses! 

8. I deserve to be confident about my finances. 

No matter how you’re making your money, you will always find people who will try to tell you you should have made it some other way… Don’t give them the time of day.

That is your hard-earned pay; it is yours to keep and use, no matter if you made it as a baby-sitter, a math-tutor, or a Wall Street investor. Don’t pay them any mind and keep doing you!

Money Mantras: 21+ Positive Affirmations for Money That Really Work!

9. I am organized and responsible with my money.

We’ve been over this – but it’s never enough to remind you just how important it is to make sure the new money you’re making isn’t slipping through the cracks the same old ways…

There are plenty of articles on the internet on how to start saving money quickly – heck; I wrote some of them!

But just as with all the other entries on this list show: it has to start with you. Make sure saving becomes as natural for you as breathing – and you’re on a good way

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10. I release all my resistance to money.

If you close your eyes and see yourself living in a big house, driving a fancy car, and wearing dashing designer outfits… Maybe all you need to do is let go and accept your fate – and naturally, the money is flowing your way.

Alright, it might not be that simple; but you might be pushing money away without even realizing it. Think about it; what was the last time you played the lottery? Today might be your lucky day…

11. I am not afraid of making money.

This one might come off as a doozy. You? Afraid of making money? 

As silly as it may sound, there is a high chance you’re turning financial opportunities away or shifting your focus somewhere else because of age-old beliefs that rich people are greedy or selfish.

Let go of those; if you are none of those now, there is no reason to believe that you will automatically become evil as soon as your bank account starts growing. If your own prejudices are standing in your way, it might be time for some soul-seeking.

Money Mantras: 21+ Positive Affirmations for Money That Really Work!

12. I always think positively about money and wealth.

If you’re struggling financially, money might be a draining, depressive subject. And if it’s causing so much trouble, there is no wonder it is! 

A mantra to keep in mind during tough times is the one that money isn’t bad news. In fact, money is wonderful news! The more you think about it and ways to make it, the faster you’ll start seeing your wallet fattening. 

13. Money works for me – and not vice-versa.

These days, you may feel like you’re slaving for cash. But keep in mind that it should go the other way around; money is working for you, and not the opposite.
At least, that’s the idea businessman Robert Kiyosaki popularized in his best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”

Money is not just a way to buy stuff; it is a tool in itself. If you master it, you can use it in your favor – to make more and more!

14. I don’t let my emotions guide me.

This entry may not seem related to money at first – but trust me, it really is. 

Many people make the mistake of letting their emotions take the best of them when it comes to spending; if they’re having a bad day, they will jump to retail therapy, for instance.

This isn’t you, though! You understand that emotion is the enemy of finance; and that, when it comes to money, it is best not to wear your heart on your sleeve.

15. I don’t compare myself to others.

It can be tempting to measure your wealth compared to your neighbor (if they drive a fast car and have a swimming pool in the backyard, even more so).

But don’t forget; money is personal – and so is your financial journey. You can be proud of your accomplishments thus far, and if you want to make more, the only way to look is forward – not sideways! 

16. I always try my best.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, it is not enough to want money – one has to work for it. These affirmations serve precisely to influence your stream of consciousness in the best direction for it.

You may not always succeed; you might get turned down for a lucrative opportunity, a business deal, or a sale. But if you always remember the importance of giving it your all, you will come into abundance in no time!

17. I deserve financial independence.

If money is coming shortly to you lately, it’s understandable that you might have asked for help; a parent, a partner, or even a bank can come to your rescue when the numbers start dwindling.

You might have settled, however, into this role; it might be easier to live under a caretaker’s wing, but imagine how much better it would feel to have your own independence! 

Make author Michael Bassey Johnson’s words yours: “If you truly want to be respected by people you love, you must prove to them that you can survive without them.”

18. I am receptive to new avenues of income.

If you think that the only way of getting paid is by commuting to that old 9-5 every day, well… You’re out of date!

These days, making money has never been so easy – especially on the internet. Here are a few of my favorite money-making ideas:

Are you a creative person? You can make and sell things on sites like Etsy.

Are you good at writing? If so, you can make money as a blogger.

Do you enjoy making new friends? You can even get paid to make friends online!

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Whatever your calling might be, there will be a place for you to start working online – and making good money from it.

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19. Success and good fortune are drawn to me.

We’ve gone over this; despite what you might have been told, positive affirmations really do work – but you’ve got to put in the work too.

This affirmation may be a bit more on the abstract side – but if you’re willing to affirm your way to wealth, you might score – at least according to Chellie Campbell, the successful author behind “The Wealthy Spirit”.

20. I can survive the storms.

Making money isn’t always easy; it can be a bumpy ride indeed. 

In her book, Campbell also underlines the importance of holding it together in hard times. According to the author, to come out on the other side of a tempest, “persistence is key”. 

So, every time you fall, get back up and keep fighting. Your will is on your side!

21. I seek balance and enlightenment.

The final mantra on our list juggles two of the guiding principles of all money affirmations.

Balance comes from having good financial skills. For this, building a budget and tracking your spending is key.

Enlightenment refers to what you’re doing right this moment; learning and growing – there is always a new mantra to remember or a new affirmation to understand.

All in all, the most important piece of information you need to retain from this list is that, for these affirmations to turn into money, you have to believe in them.

Take it from Oprah herself: “the only courage you ever need is the courage to fulfill the dreams of your own life.” 

If Oprah could end up one of the richest women on the planet just by sticking to her plan, so can you.

Money Mantras: 21+ Positive Affirmations for Money That Really Work!

All you have to do is to let these money mantras into your mind and your life – and, soon enough, you will see the cash starting to roll in. 

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