How to Live Super Frugally and Happy

How to Live Super Frugally and Happy

Discover 11 ways you can live super frugally and happy this year.

Are you fed up with spending too much money? Are you tired of sinking deeper into debt every month? Do you dream of living a stress-free happy life?

Well, today you’re going to learn how to live super frugally and happy!

Here’s the thing, a lot of people have the belief that money can solve all their troubles and worries. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, without understanding the 11 golden rules below, I believe that having more money will only amplify those problems.

  • More money more problems
  • Money can’t buy you happiness

You’ve probably heard at least one of the above phrases. The simple fact is, people that use these sort of phrases don’t understand the 11 principles that you’re about to learn.

The truth is, the amount of money you have in your bank account doesn’t matter. If you want to be happy, you should apply these 11 golden rules.

My blog is all about making money. And, I know a lot of you who are reading this aim to be rich and wealthy (and so you should).

But, here’s my point. As well as making money, we want to be happy too, right?

So before we all become multi-millionaires (hopefully soon), let’s learn how to live frugally and happy.

Just think, if you can live super happy with little money, life with money will also be happy.

Okay, so now that I’ve explained, here are my 11 golden rules on how to live super frugally and happy.

How to Live Frugally And Happy

Here are my 11 tips that will show you how to live frugally and happy this year:

1. Learn How to Manage Your Time Frugally

Have you ever heard of the expression ‘time is money’?

Well, it’s about time you started living by this.

If you’re serious about living a frugal & happy lifestyle, managing your time must be a priority.

Being frugal is not just about saving a few bucks; it’s about being able to prioritize what you value the most in life.

Ask yourself the question, what do I value the most in life?

For me, that answer is easy; my family, my friends, and my well-being. That’s why I prioritize these three things. I find that the more I focus on these three things, the happier I feel.

I always make time for my family, and I catch up with my close friends regularly.

Secondly, I pay close attention to my physical and mental health. I do this by going to the gym five times per week, getting a good night’s sleep, and meditating every morning and night.

The way I see it, everything else is costing me precious time & energy.

So, the next time you consider wasting your time doing something with low value, think frugally.

2. Live Super Minimalistic

Most of us are used to a world with many materialistic possessions. i.e., smartphones, laptops, cars, fashion brands, gadgets, televisions, and the list goes on.

We rely on these items to function every day. I mean, can you imagine a world without these items? How would we survive?

The crazy thing is, just a few decades ago, we did just that! Humans managed just fine without any of those items.

You don’t NEED materialistic things to be happy.

Understanding that you don’t need these items is a huge step towards living a frugal and happy life.

Now, I’m not saying to cut out all these things completely. Let’s face it; a lot of these possessions make our lives so much easier.

I’m simply suggesting that you understand that you can survive, and more importantly strive, without any of these items.

Why is understanding important?

Well, the next time you’re tempted to buy that new shiny, slim smartphone, you’ll understand that your existing smartphone works perfectly fine; which could save you from spending hundreds of dollars on something that adds little difference to your life.

You’ll find it easier to identify what really matters; and invest in more practical, logical purchases.

For example; do you need that new 65″ smart television? Or, will the 40″ TV be just as satisfying?

Or, maybe you only want to watch Netflix. In that case, do you need television at all? Your computer could do the same job.

De-Clutter Your House

Have you ever noticed that when you’re feeling down, you have an urge to go shopping?

There’s nothing more satisfying than a shopping spree to cheer you up! Who can relate?

Well, did you know that this actually does a lot more damage?

That’s because you now have a strong emotionally link to the items that you purchase. This makes it difficult to part with these items.

As a result, we end up with wardrobes and draws crammed with emotionally attached clothes and self-bought presents. Eventually, your room will become cluttered, soon after your entire house will be cluttered.

The ironic part is that scientific studies show that a cluttered environment is linked to depression; which means you’ll probably want to go shopping to make yourself feel better. And, the cycle continues.

So, what’s the solution?

It’s simple! De-clutter your house. Get rid of all those emotionally attached clothes that you never wear; keeping only the essentials.

Watch this video for de-cluttering tips:

After de-cluttering, you’ll notice that you instantly feel happier. Studies also show that de-cluttering can reduce your stress levels and signs of depression.

As an added benefit, you’ll also learn that you don’t need all those items; nor do you need to go shopping.

When you learn to live a minimalistic lifestyle, you’ll soon realize you don’t need much to be happy. That’s the frugal way.

3. Live With Gratitude

Be Grateful, Live With Gratitude

Do you appreciate what you already have? Well, you should! Here’s why.

Do you own a car? The person that is waiting at the bus stop, in the pouring rain, wishes they had your car.

Don’t have a car? Do you have to walk to work? The person in the wheelchair wishes they could walk to work.

Being frugal means being grateful for whatever you have in life, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Take time to show gratitude every morning. Spend 5 minutes writing down five things that you’re grateful for.

Gratitude will reduce the desire to have new things. Appreciating your possessions will mean you take exceptional care of them, which means they will last longer.

4. Enjoy Your Frugal Life

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun and enjoy your life. If you want to know how to live frugally and happy, you’ll need to discover what you enjoy.

Do Things For Free

First, you’ll need to find what you enjoy. Everyone is different and will enjoy doing different things. But, whatever you like to do, you should be able to find ways to enjoy it for free (or for extremely cheap).

For example, if you like to travel, you can go hiking or camping; visit national parks and landmarks that you have never seen before.

You’ll soon realize how much fun you can have when you live the frugal way.

Enjoy Your Life - How to Live Super Frugally and Happy

Work Doing What You Love

Whether we want to or not, we all have to work so that we can pay the bills.

The average person spends 8-hours a day at their place of work, and they don’t retire until they’re in their early 60’s. That’s a large chunk of your life spent working.

That’s precisely why you should do what you love!

People spend large amounts of money to take part in activities that they enjoy.

Well, if you can find a way to make your hobbies your job, you’ll get paid to do what you enjoy.

5. Give Back. Spread Happiness.

Give Back. Spread Happiness

“Money can’t buy you happiness unless you spend it on others.”

I love this quote, and it’s true, giving your money to others really can make you happy.

Academic research shows that giving to others makes you feel happier than when you receive it.

Being frugal doesn’t mean you’re tight with your money, as some people may think. Being frugal is about being sensible and putting your money to good use.

Sometimes that good use could be on someone else. E.g., a meaningful charity, a family member, or an individual in need.

Your contribution doesn’t have to be a lot at all. In fact, you don’t have to contribute money at all. You can donate your time; even paying someone a compliment can go a long way.

It may seem crazy, but don’t underestimate the great effect that a small gesture can make to someone.

6. Be Super Honest With Yourself

If you want to live frugally and happy; being truthful with yourself is a must. This can be a lot more complicated than it may seem.

When things don’t go our way, we often shut things out, or make up fictitious stories, so that it makes sense in our heads.

We can find ways to justify unnecessary purchases. Sound familiar?

Always ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I afford this?
  • Do I really need this?
  • Will this truly make me happy?

Your ability to truthfully answer these questions will determine how frugal you can be.

And, let’s face it, if you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with?

Practice being honest with yourself, and life instantly becomes a little easier.

7. Find Frugal and Happy Friends

Find Frugal and Happy Friends

Studies show that having friends really can make you happier. Not only that, but they can also boost your spirits on those days you’re feeling low.

Dedicate time to grow these friendships. Find friends that share the same views, opinions, and hobbies as you.

But, be careful, ‘friends’ can also have the opposite effects.

Double down on your positive friendships and cut down on the toxic ones.

8. Become a Super Communicator

Communication is key! And, it could be the answer to your relationships and happiness.

It’s important to understand that everyone is different. People close to you may not understand the frugal mentality.

It’s down to you to communicate and explain your way of living.

Clear communication will come in handy with your partner. It will also help you to deal with those situations when a friend invites you to eat at an expensive restaurant.

Communication can avoid unnecessary fall-outs, and it can even help to strengthen your friendships.

For example, instead of eating out at expensive restaurants, to please your friend.

Instead,  fully explain your reasons for not wanting to spend so much money. Then find an alternative solution, i.e., invite them round to your house for dinner.

This can be way cheaper, and way more personal. Your friendships will grow stronger than ever.

9. Take Control of Your Frugal Lifestyle

Are you in control of your finances, your health, and your mind?

Well, if you want to live a frugal and happy life, you’ll need to take control of all these things.

10. Have a Frugal Plan

Without any direction, you’ll always feel lost.

By creating a solid plan, you’ll instantly give your life more direction and purpose. You’ll have goals and achievements to work towards.

Whether you achieve these goals isn’t as important as you may think. The clear direction that having goals has more mental benefits than the achievement itself.

I suggest writing down your goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis — the clearer the direction, the better the outcome.

I write down my goals and achievements is my bullet journal. Watch this video for more ideas:

11. Earn More Money

Now, this isn’t one of the golden rules. However, I think it’s an important factor to add.

People associate being frugal will saving money, but that should not stop you from wanting to earn more money.

Money alone won’t necessarily make you happier; however, earning more money can be a contributing factor. Not to mention the fact it will allow you to execute the 10 rules in a greater fashion.

You should always strive to increase your income. Use the posts featured on my blog to find ways to double your money and invest your money in a frugal way.


Each of the 11 golden rules has a unique and specific way to bring enjoyment and happiness to your life in a frugal way.

Individually, each rule won’t necessarily result in happiness, but when you follow all 11 rules together, your happiness and well-being will noticeably compound.

Thank you for reading ‘How to Live Super Frugally and Happy

What do you think? Did you find these tips useful?

Is there anything you think I should add? Or, maybe you have a question. Comment below, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

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