How to Become a Rich Blogger in 7 Powerful Steps

How to Become a Rich Blogger in 7 Powerful Steps

Do you want to know how to become a rich blogger? Who doesn’t, right?

As the internet grows, so do bloggers. So much so, more people than ever are considering blogging careers. But, the real question is, do you have what it takes to become a successful blogger?

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have made a lot of money from blogging. Blogging is now my full-time job, and I earn more money blogging than I did in my old 9-5. However, it didn’t start that way.

In the beginning, I made tons of mistakes, and I learned a lot of harsh lessons. It took me over a year to earn my first dollar online, and almost two years before I quit my job to blog full time.

The steps I share with you in this post are things I wish I knew earlier in my blogging journey. Hopefully, these 7 powerful steps will help you to become a rich blogger, in less time.

Here is an overview of how to become a rich blogger in 7 powerful steps;

  1. Develop a Rich Person Mindset
  2. Study Other Rich Bloggers
  3. Choose Your Niche Wisely
  4. Build an Email List
  5. Build a Loyal Fanbase
  6. Monetize Your Blog
  7. Collab With Other Bloggers

Before we get into each step in more detail, there are a few questions that need to be answered. In this post, I’m going to give you 7 powerful steps you can use to become a successfully rich blogger.

Is It Possible To Become Rich From Blogging?

Is It Possible To Become Rich From Blogging

The short answer is yes, it is indeed possible. The longer, and more complicated answered is, it depends on the following…

How do you define being rich?

This is a question that’s entirely personal, and my answer may differ from yours. What seems like a lot of money to me, may not seem a lot to you (and vice versa). For that reason, what price determines success as a blogger, really depends on what you think.

Are you actually good at blogging?

Look at it this way; can you become rich from being a professional basketball player? Of course, you can! But, the real question is, are you any good at playing basketball?

Blogging is a job, talent, and skill. Just because you want to be a blogger, doesn’t mean you’ll be good at it. Of course, just like many jobs, you can learn to blog. And, the more you do it, the better you’ll get. My point is, some people are naturally good at blogging; for others, it may require more effort. How good you become at blogging will, of course, affect how much you earn.

What niche are you in?

The niche you’re in will play a huge factor in how much money you can make from blogging. Some topics have many ways of monetizing with exceptionally high financial rewards; such as; credit cards, travel, and insurance. Other subjects may not have as many ways to generate money and will bring in low income, i.e., sewing (no offense to anyone in the sewing niche).

You can see why this will have an impact on how much you can make. Picking the right niche is important. I’ll talk more about this later.

How Do Bloggers Get Paid?

Bloggers can get paid in many different ways. A blogger will decide on the right monetization strategy for their blog based on their niche, audience, and blog style. Here are a few ways bloggers can generate income:


I’m sure you’ve seen Google Adsense or banners ads on a blog before. Well, every time someone clicks on an ad, the blog owner can potentially make money.

A blog needs to be generating a lot of traffic before this becomes an option worth considering. Of course, nothing is stopping you from having ads from day one, but I’d say you need at least 30,00 hits per month before Adsense becomes attractive to a blogger.

Affiliate Programmes

Bloggers can be in agreement with companies that share the same audience. Bloggers mention an affiliate product or service, and if someone clicks through and buys, the blogger earns a commission for that sale. Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates. This is a popular method for many bloggers.

What Prevents Bloggers From Getting Rich?

It’s not always easy being a blogger, and not everyone gets rich from blogging. Some people don’t make any money at all. Here are a few of the most common reasons why people don’t make money:

Lack of Content

This may sound crazy, but so many blogs lack content. If you want to become rich from blogging, you have to commit to providing a lot of content. Long-form content works the best; that means at least 1,000 words per post. There have been reports of Google penalizing blogs for having thin content.

Badly Written Content

No one likes content that’s written poorly. If your content has tons of spelling and grammar mistakes; you’re not going to be popular.

When people visit your blog, they want to see well-written articles, with images and videos. If you’re struggling to get your audience to stay on your page, this could be the reason.

Lack of Motivation

I find that the reason most people don’t make money from blogging is that they give up too soon. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to run a successful blog. It’s going to require a lot of motivation and determination.

No Sales Technique

If you want to get rich from blogging, at some point, you’ll have to sell something. Like most things in life, money is made online when something is sold. There’s no surprise why the wealthiest bloggers online are also great salespeople.

Some bloggers are fantastic at blogging, but their sales technique is poor.

The Niche is Too Competitive

In this case, it’s not a good thing to be a small fish in a big pond.

If you’re in a highly competitive niche, you might find it hard to make any kind of dent. The reason behind this is that highly competitive niches are dominated by huge blogs, with a team of writers and editors. Getting noticed in a niche like this is difficult. Not impossible, but tough without spending a fair bit of money.

Focusing on The Money

This is a common mistake that bloggers make. Your long-term goal may be to make money, and although it’s good to have a plan, focusing on the money too early on will crush your potential.

Instead, focus on becoming an authority within your niche and serving your audience with the most amount of value.

How to Become a Rich Blogger in 7 Powerful Steps

When it comes to making money blogging…

these tips will help you to become a rich blogger:

1. Develop a Rich Person Mindset

Being wealthy is not just about having lots of money in the bank. It’s a mindset. People who make a lot of money usually understand money. They’re motivated and confident in their decisions. If you want to build wealth and become rich, you’ll need to think like a wealthy person. Here’s how you develop a wealthy brain:

Read Books

Many successful entrepreneurs and business leaders have a book. Here, you can find so many valuable tips and lessons; as well as philosophies and mindsets. Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest people in the world, spends 80% of his day reading.

Well-known entrepreneur Mark Cuban reads for 3 hours every day.

How many hours do you read?

I dedicate a specific time every morning and evening to reading. It helps me with my focus, creativity, and keeps me learning new things.

I recommend reading MONEY Master The Game by Tony Robbins and Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Be Consistent But Patient

In my experience, I find a lot of people don’t see success because they give up too early.  They don’t stick around long enough to see the progress.

It’s like planting a seed. It can take a long time, but that seed can one day be a tree. Business is the same, and blogging is no different. It takes time, sometimes a lot of time.

Think of every article you write as a seed. The more seeds you plant, the bigger your forest will become.

Be Prepared To Spend Money

Have you ever heard of the expression “It takes money to make money”?

I’m not saying you have to spend a lot of money, but you should be prepared to pay some amount.

When I first launched my blog, I had the option of using a free WordPress blog or paying for web hosting. I had a choice between using a free theme or buying a professional blog theme.

These choices kept popping up time and time again. And, although it is possible to make money with some of the free options, I was serious about blogging. So I chose to invest in cash.

Some people will tell you to save money. Some will encourage you to spend your money on random things like junk food, clothes, cars, etc.

The truth is, if you want to become a rich blogger, you’ll need to be prepared to spend some money. And, when you eventually start making money, you’ll need to re-invest your profits back into the blog to grow bigger.

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2. Study Other Rich Bloggers

Study Other Rich Bloggers - How to Become a Rich Blogger in 7 Powerful Steps

When I first decided to set up a blog, I spent days researching and studying other well-known successful bloggers, and sites. I learned so much! It helped me create new ideas; and, more importantly, it saved me a lot of mistakes and time.

I’m always studying other bloggers, sites, and businesses. I wrote a blog post about it.

Study bloggers, within your niche, in-depth. Look at their journey and how they started. It will give you an overview of what you can expect and help you build a timeline of your success. Also, by learning from bloggers who have already achieved what you want, it may help to speed the process up.

Personally, if I hadn’t studied as many bloggers as I did. Starting a blog would have taken me twice as long.

3. Choose Your Niche Wisely

Choose Your Niche Wisely - How to Become a Rich Blogger in 7 Powerful Steps

Picking the right niche can be tricky, but it’s something super important if you want to become rich and should be considered carefully.

The niche you pick will have a significant impact on how much money you’ll make. I learned this the hard way.

My first attempt at blogging was in a niche that, now when I look back, makes no sense. Here are a few tips that I found useful.

Choose a Niche Your Passionate About

It’s important to remember that, when you’re blogging, you’re going to be talking, writing, and researching on a specific topic every day. So, make sure you pick a topic you like.

This is a mistake I see a lot of bloggers making. If you don’t have a passion for what you’re talking about, eventually you’ll get bored.

Not only that, your audience will be able to tell you’re not into it, and you won’t come across as authentic as you should.

When I read a successful blogger’s post, their passion, and love for the topic are noticeable in their writing. That’s precisely the type of feeling you should want your audience to feel when they read your content.

Another point to add is that most rich bloggers become the public face of their blog. Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz and Brian Clark from Copyblogger are good examples of this.

Do you really want to be known for a niche you’re not passionate about?

Not Too Big, Not Too Small

Here’s the thing. There’s a delicate balance in the middle where a niche is highly profitable and accessible. I call this the niche sweet spot.

The problem is, if you pick a niche that’s too big or overcrowded, your poor niche will be lost. You’ll find it difficult to rank for any keywords, and no one will even notice you.

For example, let’s say you pick the Entrepreneur niche. A hugely popular industry with millions of dollars to be made. The problem is, you’re instantly competing against huge names such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Tai Lopez & Richard Branson. Not to mention blogs such as and Inc Magazine.

On the other hand…

If you go for an industry that’s super small, there might not be enough money to be made; if you want to be rich, that is.

For example; starting a blog about the best pens may be a less competitive niche, and it may make you some money. But, will it make you rich? Probably not!

4. Build An Email List

Build An Email List - How to Become a Rich Blogger in 7 Powerful Steps

The money is in the list! That’s the reason why any successful blog you visit will have an opt-in email form.

I regret not collecting emails right from the beginning. When I finally did, I saw a rise in product conversions, as well as blog engagement. I also noticed my audience visited my site way more, which all resulted in… more money!

To collect email addresses on my blog, I use a service called Lead Pages. I like Lead Pages because it’s affordable and, more importantly, easy to use! Within minutes I can create a professional-looking opt-in form.

To send automated emails out to my audience, I use GetResponse. I like the user interface, and their 24/7 customer support comes in handy.

5. Build A Loyal Fanbase

Build a Loyal Fanbase - How to Become a Rich Blogger in 7 Powerful Steps

Let’s put making money to the side for one minute. Because, at the end of the day, your first intention should always be to serve your audience. So many people make the mistake of trying so hard to monetize the blog, that they forget that real people are actually reading their content.

I focus on producing the best, well-researched, and well-written content as I possibly can. I want my audience to get knowledge and value from my posts, and you should want the same.

If you nail this, over time, you’ll build a loyal fanbase; that likes and trusts you.

One of my favorite reads in 1,000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly. In this epic blog post, he explains that you don’t need millions of followers to make a living, you just need 1,000 true fans. A concept that’s proven to be true.

So focus on your audience. If you can build a genuine, loyal fanbase, the riches will follow.

6. Monetize Your Blog

Monetize Your Blog - How to Become a Rich Blogger in 7 Powerful Steps

Okay, so once you’ve built a loyal fanbase. It’s time to start monetizing your blog – this step is essential if you want to make money.

Notice that I said to start, implying I wouldn’t recommend monetizing from day one. You always want to focus on the content first. Trying to monetize too early will affect your blogging decisions. Plus, an advertisement isn’t the prettiest thing to have on your blog. So when you’re traffic is low, the last thing you want to do is turn them off with unattractive ad banners.

There are a few ways you can start to monetize your blog:

Courses & eBooks

We call these info products, and they can convert well on blogs. If you have a strong following in a knowledge-thirsty niche, it can be hugely profitable.

It requires little management and the process can be automated. However, it can take you some time to create the products in the beginning. And, if it’s not good quality, you may have to deal with refunds.

AdSense Ads

With Google Adsense, you can add banners and advertizements across your site. Every-time someone clicks on an ad; you can make money. How much you earn per click depends on the niche demand. You can see why picking the right niche is so important.

Note: You need a fair bit of traffic before Adsense ads make sense (I wouldn’t bother until you hit 30,000 views a month).

Affiliate Programmes

Affiliate marketing has become one of my favorite ways to monetize my blog. Unlike AdSense, where you have little control over what ads your audience sees, with an affiliate link, you can choose the products. This way I can potentially earn a commission from the products and services that I use & love, and I know my audience will also love.

Amazon affiliates programs are a great way to start. For example, if I mention my favorite camera in a blog post, I can include an affiliate link for my readers to check it out on Amazon. If they buy, I make a commission.

If you have a lot of traffic coming to your blog, you can potentially become quite wealthy from affiliates.

Note: The reason I said it’s important to focus on your audience and the quality of your content before you start thinking out affiliate links is that you want to be as honest and genuine as possible with your affiliate recommendations.

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7. Collab With Other Bloggers

Collab With Other Bloggers - How to Become a Rich Blogger in 7 Powerful Steps

Collaborating with existing bloggers in your niche is a great way to expand your audience. This is because new people will view your content and if they like it, they may decide to check out your blog.

It can also be an effective way to build a few extra backlinks to your site.

I wish I did more collaborations in the beginning. Now, I try to collab as much as I can. It helps my traffic to explode; sometimes by 40%.

My favorite way is to guest blog. This is where you write an article to be published on another blog. They may even want to write a guest post for your website too.

You can find sites to the guest blog by searching for existing blogs in your niche. Then, check out each blog’s ‘about’ or ‘contact’ page. Most bloggers who are open to guest blogging will state so on one of these pages. They may even have a dedicated ‘write for us’ page.

Bonus Step: Start A YouTube Channel

Start a Youtube Channel - How to Become a Rich Blogger in 7 Powerful Steps

This isn’t an essential step. And, I know not everyone likes to be in videos. But, if you’re new to blogging and you’re serious about becoming a rich blogger, YouTube is a treasure chest. I wrote a blog post, explaining how to make money from YouTube.

As we move deeper into this advanced world of technology, video content is being demanded more and more. And, unlike Google search, there’s tons of opportunity to rank for keywords on YouTube. Not to mention the untapped potential of people who don’t read blogs.

You don’t have to make loads of videos. I’d start by figuring out your 10 most popular blog posts. I find that those 10 articles are responsible for being in 80% of your monthly traffic.

Then, just make a video for each of those 10 posts. That way, you already know it’s a favorite topic. You can also embed the video into your original blog post to enhance the reader’s experience, and keep them on the page for longer.

Tools & Resources To Help You Become a Successful Rich Blogger

Grammarly – one of my favorite tools that allows me to keep quality controls on all my content. Grammarly will check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and will even suggest better ways to word your sentences. A must if you want to be seen as a professional blogger.

Lead Pages – I’ve mentioned lead pages already, but such an easy and effective way for me to collect emails. It also saves me a lot of time, which makes it worth every cent!

Google Adsense – Check out Google Adsense now. That way, when it comes to the time to start monetizing your site, you’ll know exactly how it works.

What To Do When You Become A Rich Blogger?

The first thing you should do is congratulate yourself because it means you had the drive, determination, and consistency to achieve your goal of being a successful blogger!

Stay Rich

Once you reach your goal of financial success, you have to stay there; which can be a challenge in itself. You’ll need to make wise and well-thought-out decisions. This is where step 1: develop a rich person mindset, really comes into action.

Also, you need to keep making money. Keep your blog fresh with new content and don’t let your quality levels slip. You may need to evolve your blog over the years to keep up with the demand of the fast-moving digital world. But, it’s worth it if it means you keep producing an income every month.

Invest It Back

When you start earning a lot of money, think about how you can invest your money to make even more money.

Maybe you invest it back into your blog. For example; you can hire a team of writers or editors so that you can produce more content faster.

That way you can be earning even more money every month.

You can also consider other passive income ideas so that you can keep earning money, even when you’re while you’re busy enjoying the affluent blogger lifestyle.

Want More?

Final Thoughts

I think it’s entirely possible to become rich and successful from blogging, and it’s going to be a more common career choice for people in the future. I’ve made a lot of money from blogging, and my earnings keep rising.

That being said, like most rewards in life, it requires a lot of time, patience, and hard work to get there. Commit to improving yourself as a person, read more, study more, and practice focus.

And, especially in the early days of your blogging journey, forget about becoming rich! 

Focus on serving your niche community and producing the highest quality content possible.

Do all of this, follow all of the steps above, and you stand a good chance of making money. And, who knows, you could become a successfully rich blogger.

If you have any questions on this topic, or if you have any tips you think I should add, please write a comment below. I’ll respond as soon as I can.

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