21 Popular Things to Make and Sell From Home for Money

21 Easy Things to Make and Sell From Home for Money

Popular Things to Make and Sell

Looking for ideas to earn some extra cash? Discover 21 easy things to make and sell from home for money!

Ever wondered if there is a way to make some bucks without leaving the house? Luckily for you, thanks to the internet, now there is a way – many, in fact!

As long as you’re willing to put in the work, there are multiple ways in which you could make and sell your own products from the comfort of your own home.

On this list, I’ll give you 21 ideas to get you started. Ready?

1. Digital products and printables

If you’re looking to sell on the web, digital products are a good place to start. A digital product is a product made for the online market since it doesn’t have a physical form. Think audiobooks, fonts

But maybe your product also has a physical form. Do you make digital art that you would like your clients to be able to download and print for themselves? This is called a printable.

A great way to begin selling digital products and printables is by finding your target audience. Industry forums and Facebook groups can be a great way to find clients!

2. Make t-shirts from home

Ever said something and thought to yourself – “I’d put that in a t-shirt”? Well, now you can! Making custom t-shirts can be a great way to make some money from home.

The most important place to start? Find out who your buyers are. If you think your t-shirt idea would appeal to just about anyone, you could be in trouble.

Make sure your idea is new, fresh, and original – and you’ll find your niche very soon!

Once you’ve discovered who your audience is, it’s time to get to work! Websites like Printify allow you to design and sell your own models for free.

3. Make money selling online courses

Did you know that, nowadays, more than six billion students around the world are pursuing an online education entirely online?

It’s true; classes are no longer confined to the classroom, and more and more people are learning on the internet.

Nowadays, it’s very easy not only to partake in an online course but to create your own! If you’ve got some extra knowledge lying around that you’d like to share with others, why not begin teaching online?

Once you’ve picked a topic that you feel you could really dive into, it’s time to look for the perfect platform to host your classes at. Websites like Thinkific are perfect for starters. Good luck, teach!

4. Build and flip websites

Building a website, you get. But flipping it? What does that mean?

It’s very much like the age-old practice of patient investors “flipping” a house – buying broken-down properties and building them back up until they are again valuable pieces of real estate.

“Flipping” a website means exactly the same thing; you, a savvy entrepreneur, take a weak website and “flip” it into a beautiful piece of virtual real estate that will garner thousands upon thousands of clicks.

If you think to have what it takes to get into the potentially lucrative website industry, looking into platforms such as Investors Club or Quietlightbrokage is a great way to start.

5. Build Instagram accounts

There’s a chance that every time you have a minute to spare, you’re opening your Instagram app and scrolling down your feed. You’re not the only one – almost half of American adults are active on the platform.

But what if I told you that you could turn your favorite mobile past-time into a job?

There are three main ways in which you can turn your Instagram into your office; by becoming an influencer, an affiliate marketer, or an entrepreneur (and selling your own products on the platform).

But beware; creating a profitable online brand and career isn’t as easy as lying sideways dropping likes on pictures of cats or food.

But if you stay consistent and work on your brand, you might be on your way to becoming an Instagram star!

6. Make and sell candles

Ever felt like lighting a candle and having your living room engulfed in a bright rosy or warm vanilla scent makes your day a hundred times better?

It’s likely a lot of people feel this way. And don’t forget – if there is something you love to get, other people will too. So why not give making your own candles a shot a try?

It might be easier to make money this way than you think; all you need is a wick, some fragrances (in case you want to make scented candles), a candle boiler, and wax, of course!

Once you’ve got the hang of the procedure, it’s time to start marketing your products online. Websites like Etsy are perfect for finding buyers! Who knows – you might find that candle-making is your true calling.

7. Create and sell bath bombs

The popularity of bath bombs has skyrocketed over the past few years. And there is a reason for this; bath bombs have changed the experience of taking a bath from the simple act of getting clean into an experience.

What if you tapped into this market yourself?

You can try to build your own retail brand centered around these curious bath accessories. First, you have to make your own bath bombs – which, with a little bit of research, you’ll find is fairly easy and inexpensive.

Once you’ve mastered the art of creating your own foamy goods, it’s time to set them free on the online market! Social media websites like Facebook and Instagram can be the perfect place to find your following.

8. Create your own zine for money

Once all the rage in the punk culture of the 1970s, zines have made a comeback in the new millennium, and it’s easy to see why; just about anyone can create their own self-published magazine. Including yourself!

Before setting off to create your own zine, make sure you have something to say – zines are all about the message. From there, it’s up to you what to include; poems, photographs, art… Let your creativity fly!

Once you’ve put scraped together your own little zine, make sure to find the best place to sell your work. As zines are often highly personal, your own social media can be a great place to start.

Just remember; you probably will not make a living out of selling zines, but it can be a great way to let the world see your creative talents and network with other artists (and make a little bit of money, of course)!

9. Make and sell gift baskets

Everyone loves receiving gift baskets, right? They make for thoughtful, sometimes personalized, and often delicious presents. If you’re crafty and want to make some cash, why not try your hand at making one?

Gift baskets may look like elaborate gifts, but, with the right mindset, you can put together a beautiful set in an easy and affordable fashion.

All you need is time, some money, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Get creative, find your audience and, come holiday season, you’ll have clients lining up before your door to get their hands on your beautiful creations.

10. Create handmade clothing

There are many reasons for people to want to ditch fast fashion for handmade items. Not only are handmade products much more environmentally friendly than their store counterparts, but they are also 100% unique!

If you’re a natural-born sewer, good news; with the coming of the internet, you can set up your own clothing store from home – and actually sell! Handcrafted product sites have seen an enormous increase in sales.

Platforms like Etsy and Amazon Handmade are great places to start selling handmade clothes. So, if you’ve got a talent for it, quit snoozing and hit the sewing machine!

11. Write and sell eBooks

If you’ve been brewing a novel in your head, but the publishing world intimidates you, fear not. Nowadays, thanks to e-books, just about anyone can publish their own book without needing an agent or a publisher!

Cool, right?

Now all you need to do is to get to writing, and the rest is only a few clicks away.

For instance, need a proofreader or a graphic designer for your digital cover? Just take a trip to the site of the Editorial Freelancers Association.
What are you waiting for? Everyone’s dying to buy your book… Or e-book, in this case!


Speaking of books… Everyone’s had that annoying moment when they’re putting down what they’re reading and are forced to fold up the sides of the pages to save the place they’re on.

Why? Because they don’t have a bookmark.

If you’re looking to make some easy money from home, using your internet connection to tap into this traditional book business might be an idea to consider.

Make sure you’ve got your own design idea, which will set you apart from others!

Once you’ve decided what kind of bookmarks you’ll be making, and for whom, it’s time to start selling. The already mentioned Etsy is always a hit with crafty types!

13. Make YouTube videos for money

It seems that these days, everyone is glued to their computer screens. And on it?

Most likely, a YouTube video. 300 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and 5 billion videos are watched every day. You’re likely watching it too.

But what if it was you on the other side of the screen? The great thing about the platform is that practically anyone with a webcam can upload content for free.

And it can pay, big time; just look at the cases of millionaire YouTubers like Felix Kjellberg, also known as Pewdiepie. He started making videos from his room, and you can too!

Just make sure to keep at it, be patient and consistent.

14. Create your own smartphone Apps

Currently, there are more than 2 million apps available on your app store. If you’re particularly tech-savvy and can combine those skills with some work and a lot of creativity, one of those could be your own!

The great thing about becoming an app creator is that even the research is fun. Lurking around on Google Play or The App Store is a great way to get a feel for the marketplace – and find what place you’re looking to fill up.

Once you’ve got that lightbulb flashing over your head, it’s time to get to work. There are several steps to this; registering as a developer, coding, testing, and finally, putting your app on the market.

It can take time – but it could be the next big thing!

15. Make and sell keychains

Fun fact; keyrings, the grandfathers of keychains, were invented in the 19th century by Canadian politician Samuel Harrison. Now, thanks to the world wide web, you can invent your own keychains – and sell them!

Just about anything small enough can make a keychain – I’m talking beads, figurines, cork… Just get creative with it – as I’ve said previously, the more unique your products are, the better!

Once you’ve mastered your craft, don’t forget to start looking for customers in the usual places; Etsy, Amazon Handmade, social media… If your products are quirky and unrepeatable, you’ll find an audience in no time!

16. Create music for money

There are multiple ways in which you could flex your musical skills for some online money – either it is by kickstarting your career as a future indie darling, or by getting into the more discrete world of library music.

If you want to take the first route, sites like Bandcamp are great for finding your audience. Don’t forget the importance of creating a social media following and constantly giving your fans new music!

If the limelight is not for you, you might want to consider stepping into the far more discrete world of library music.

If composing and recording tracks for everything from ads, to TV shows, to YouTube videos is something that interests you, make sure to follow blogs like Spitfire Audio for great tricks of the trade.

17. Start baking from home

If you love baking, you can now turn your passion for cooking into a fully-fledged business from your kitchen, as long as you have an internet connection in your house.

Cookies, cakes, dog treats… Whatever your specialty may be, make sure to look into whatever licenses you might need in your state. Next, set up a business plan and check whether your products can be delivered!

Don’t forget to promote your baking goods online – a food blog is a great place to do this. And it can also become yet another source of income!

18. Build and sell furniture

Alright, maybe you’re a disaster in the kitchen. But you’re still crafty, only a different kind; your talent lies somewhere else – in carpentry. Tables, chairs, desks… You could decorate someone’s entire house!

Well now, you can. Turning your hobby into a business is not always easy, but if you have the talent, the right toolset, and an eye for business, you might just turn a profit!

Websites like Etsy and Craigslist can be a great place to start selling and shipping.

19. Make tote bags

These days, everyone seems to want to sling around their shoulder a fashionable, unique tote bag.

And why not? They are reusable and environmentally friendly, as well as adaptable – you could use the same tote bag for grocery shopping and for a night out on the time.

And they are not hard to make! You can easily start your own tote bag business from home and quickly turn in a profit from it. All you need is some fabric, a thread, and some basic sewing skills.

Once you’ve mastered how to get your basic tote bag, time to get creative and make your own unique product everyone will want to get their hands on! From screen printing, painting, adding rhinestones… The sky’s the limit!

20. Create greeting cards

This tip is perfect for those with an artistic streak. Greeting cards make the world go round; they serve for practically every occasion – from birthdays to holidays, to pregnancies… The list goes on and on.

Since everyone’s looking for greeting cards all the time, you can easily become their provider and make some money by making your own custom cards from home.

Make sure you’re ready to get crafty – get ready to mess around with paper, tape, and ribbon! And don’t be afraid to get quirky – remember, the more unique, the better. Once you’re done, set shop on Etsy and profit!

21. Sell used items

If you’re done scrolling down this entire list and there is nothing that suits you (you know nothing about coding, you can’t hold a note to save your life)… Don’t worry. There is always one last resort…

Selling used items! Probably the quickest and easiest way to make money from home is by selling goods you no longer use. Those pants that no longer fit? That twenty-year-old baby crib? Those ugly earrings you don’t even like?

A circular economy is the main driving force behind websites like Craigslist and even Facebook groups in which people aim to buy and sell items they don’t use anymore.

So if you don’t have much time and want to make some money fast without leaving your house, these could be perfectly suited for you!

In conclusion; if you’re sitting on your hands at home with nothing to do, and you want some money, there is no shortage of shortcuts to getting some cash without ever setting foot outside the house. 

This list might have helped you find your calling, whether it be as an app developer, a website flipper, or an online chef. 

Whatever it is that you’ve decided to try your hand at, remember that everything, from starting a YouTube channel to selling cards on Etsy, takes time, effort, and sometimes a little investment.

So work hard, trust the process, and don’t stop believing – soon enough, you’ll be seeing the bills come in, as long as you’ve picked the right path for you!

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