• How do websites make money without ads
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    7 Simple Ways Websites Make Money Without Ads

    How do websites make money without ads? In this post, I’ll reveal 7 unique ways you can earn money from your website or blog, without having to sell ad space. Whenever people think of earning through online means, one of the first things that strike their mind is advertisements. Many people consider it as an opportunity to activate premature monetization on their site. Even though using ads to earn online isn’t a bad idea when you have an established site with dedicated members but is not the only option to pursue making online. Ads prove to be an inefficient way…

  • Self Improvement Podcasts (Every Badass Female Should Listen Too)
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    11+ Self Improvement Podcasts (Every Badass Female Should Listen Too!)

    Are you into self-improvement? Here are 11 badass female-led podcasts that will change your life. Being a young independent woman in this world can be hard. That’s why focusing on your self- improvement and development is so important! Regular self-improvement can impact your attitude, energy, motivation, physical & mental health, career, relationships and so much more! I absolutely LOVE listening to inspirational stories and interviews to keep me motivated… And, if you like to do the same, you’ll enjoy these 9 self-improvement podcasts (hosted by badass females). Listening to self-improvement podcasts will change your life… If you’re new to the…

  • Home Office Gifts & Essentials for People Who Work From Home
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    21+ Home Office Gifts & Essentials for People Who Work From Home

    Working from home can be hard! But, it doesn’t have to be. Check out my list of the best home office gifts for people who work from home; guaranteed to brighten up their day and desk! I absolutely love the freedom that comes with working from home. But, take it from me (someone who works from home), some days can be a real struggle… And, with more people working at home than ever before, it’s important that we ALL acknowledge and understand the struggles that come along with it… That being said, over the years, I have found are many…

  • How to make money with a website without selling anything
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    6 Ways to Make Money with a Website Without Selling Anything

    Is it possible to make money with a website without selling anything? The answer is YES, and in this post, I will reveal 6 alternative methods to monetize your website. Does being a website owner sound appealing? Building a blog is one thing; however, creating a PROFITABLE website can make has made me (and loads of others) a full-time income and beyond! That being said, when it comes to website monetization, there are two myths I hear often: MYTH #1 You need to sell physical or digital products or services to make money with a website. MYTH #2 You need…

  • How to Become an Audiobook Narrator?
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    How to Become an Audiobook Narrator?

    Want to know how to become an audiobook narrator. Discover the secrets behind how to get paid to record audiobooks for money! Even if you don’t agree with anything else in the article, you will surely agree that the times are changing. Centuries ago, people used to get hired and paid for their skills. And then degrees came in. Skills got underrated, and people began to get hired and paid for degrees. Guess what? The skills are back! This is what I learned when I was dealing with loads of debt. Your expenses don’t wait for your degree to complete…

  • 14 Tips for Living in a Camper RV to Save Money
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    14 Tips for Living in a Camper RV to Save Money

    Is RV Living cheaper? Discover how living in an RV to save money helps you to live a debt-free and wealthier life! Plus, tips for living in a camper full-time. The cost of living in a home can be extremely expensive. Saving money seems near impossible… And, it can make it extremely difficult to reach your financial goals. That’s why more people than ever are considering moving into a camper van! The trend of RV living isn’t entirely new. However, it is still not as expected or standard as one would think. Which is bizarre, because honestly, who wouldn’t want…

  • How to Pay Off Student Loans Fast! (I Fully Paid Off by Age 25)
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    How to Fully Pay Off Your Student Loans by Age 25!

    Discover how I paid off over $41,000 of student loans and personal debt by the age of 25! This post is an important one, as I know many you of you reading this most likely have an outstanding student loan balance, or person debt. I’ve been there myself… Student loans is an uncomfortable form debt that follows you everywhere. No matter how much money I was earning, my outstanding student loans were always on my mind. This gave my the motivation to pay off my student loans as soon as possible. AND, in this post I’m going to reveal exactly…

  • Best Online Courses for Small Business Owners (Including Free Classes)
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    15 Best Online Courses for Small Business Owners (Including Free Classes)

    Are you looking to start a business? Discover the best online courses for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Including free business classes, that you can take online today. While most entrepreneurs and small business owners understand the importance of learning, some are naive to the concept. Whether you have a business idea, are working from your home, or have just started your career as an entrepreneur, getting the right knowledge before entering the market is necessary. It can give you an upper hand and can help you avoid big blunders right at the start. If you agree and are looking…

  • Useful Steps if You’re Overwhelmed With Opening a Business
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    11 Useful Steps if You’re Overwhelmed With Opening a Business

    A few days ago, as I had my morning coffee, a reader messaged me, saying, “I’m overwhelmed with opening a business I need steps.” And it’s not the first time I’ve had a message like this one. Starting a business can be challenging. If you are a self-employed entrepreneur or are considering opening your own business, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed at some point. The fear of failure strongly withholds you and stops you from taking that leap of faith. And that’s completely understandable. But that’s what I’m here for, and today, we’ll talk about 11 steps you need to…

  • Unbelievable Weight Watchers Desserts Recipes (with SmartPoints)
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    Irresistible Weight Watchers Desserts You Won’t Believe Are Healthy!

    My unbelievable Weight Watchers desserts recipes that you can track with SmartPoints. When it comes to losing weight, what comes to your mind? Strict food plans? Vigorous exercise routines? Constant hunger? I’ve tried all the latest diets, and they all suck! And, that’s due to ONE major problem… I LOVE food way too much, especially desserts! 😋 BUT I’ve recently discovered that dieting doesn’t have to be so extremely painful hard. With the Weight Watchers Flex SmartPoints program, nothing is off limits! That’s right, no restrictions! Suddenly, it came to me… I can eat dessert and GUILT-FREE treats all day,…