12 Apps That Pay You $500+ to Do Nothing!
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12 Apps That Pay You $500+ to Do Nothing!

Did you know that some apps will pay you to do absolutely nothing? Discover how to make over $500+ from using these 12 smartphone apps.

Is your smartphone your best friend?

Do you often find yourself grabbing it out of your pocket anytime you have to make some time, scrolling down social media or trying to beat your high score at the newest phone game sensation?

If this is the case, it’s likely you spend quite some time lurking around on Google Play, in case you’re an android user, or the App Store, if you prefer Apple products.

Maybe you’ve even spent a few dollars on a new application to fill up your phone’s home screen.

But what if I told you there are apps that will pay you, and not the other way around?

If you’re a total smartphone addict looking to make a buck doing what you love the most, this article is for you.

Below, I will list 9 applications you can easily download on your phone that could pay you up to $500 (or more) to do absolutely nothing!

1. Swagbucks

Answer surveys, watch videos and download other apps.

If you’re secretly addicted to surfing the web, there is no need to be ashamed of your love for all things internet; now, thanks to apps like Swagbucks, you can actually turn a profit from your favorite hobby!

This free app will have you making money in no time, thanks to its point system which rewards users for taking on several tasks; answering surveys, watching videos, and even downloading and testing out other apps!

It might seem too good to be true, like many of the apps on this list, but brace yourself; it is.

The only difference from any other side job is that on Starbucks you get paid in points and not in money. However, these can be redeemed for cash or gift cards!

So, if you’re already spending most of your time glued to your smartphone or computer screen, Swagbucks is a great way to cash in and turn your free time into work time.

And come holiday season, you’ll need not worry about giving everyone the best presents!

2. Robinhood

Invest in stock indexes and earn interest.

If you’re anything like me, talk of finance, stocks, and interest either intimidates or bores you.

However, apps like Robinhood can be the perfect gateway to introduce you to the world of investment in an easy, accessible way.

In a few clicks, Robinhood allows you not only to start investing as much as you want in stocks right away, but also to make trades in real time and build your own portfolio.

And don’t worry about lack of experience; this app is designed for newbies!

If a sleek, smart app such as this one could potentially flip your opinion on becoming a pro financial investor, it’s worth checking it out.

Wall Street, here you come…

3. Coinbase

Earn crypto while learning about it.

Cryptocurrency. If you’ve been paying any attention to the economic news cycle over the past few years, you’ve certainly heard of this digital asset – most likely in the shape of its first incarnation – Bitcoin.

This revolutionary form of economic technology is still extremely new in the economic market, and, for that reason, many are wary of it; most notably, some have sought to avoid it or ban it altogether.

However, according to an article published on Entrepreneur Europe, our fears surrounding cryptocurrency are aligned with our lack of information on what it is exactly.

The article’s author, enterpreneur and freelance writer Ejiofor Francis, claims the best solution for this is to provide “an education” on the topic.

If you’re willing to step into the underground world of cryptocurrency and seek out the education Francis speaks of – and make money in the process! – a great place to get started would be on a platform like Coinbase.

This app seeks to make sure that anyone can have simple and safe access to Bitcoin. Nowadays, more than 35 million people around the world trust Coinbase to purchase, sell and use Bitcoin. Will you join them?

4. Ibotta

Shop and get your cash back.

If you’re a certified shopaholic who’s recently swapped the mall for online shopping, Ibotta could very well be the next big thing in your life.

By creating an account on this app, you’ll be making money just by indulging your shopping instincts!

Ibotta is an app that taps into the lucrative world of affiliate marketing – a world which you can now easily become a part of!

Besides making money by “cutting the consumer in on the deal”, the platform may also have you watch quick videos and answer short surveys.

If you’re ready to shop until you drop, it’s time to install Ibotta! And I saved the best for the end: the app is completely free.

5. Sweatcoin

Make money by staying fit.

If you’re sick of saving up for the gym to nail that summer bod you’ve been dreaming of, I have fantastic news for you.

Sweatcoin is an app that not only helps you get in shape, but pays you for it!

It might seem unbelievable, but that’s the deal this viral app promises. With Sweatcoin, you get an app that basically tracks your movement and pays you for it.

Sweatcoin does have a peculiarity that might scare away those who are not digital-savvy; the app does not pay you in traditional money, but rather in a form of cryptocurrency – “Sweatcoin”.

This means that you won’t be getting your regular salary, but rather earning assets which you can then spend on goods that range from nice sneakers to a brand new iPhone.

Seems interesting? Then download the app and start moving!

6. Mistplay

Play games and win rewards.

Candy Crush, Snake, Floppy Bird… You’ve seen them all come and go, playing them until exhaustion. But what if I told you that there’s a way in which you could continue to play similar games – for money?

It’s true. With Mistplay, Android users (sorry, Apple fans, go ahead and skip this one) can play a number of mobile games to win a number of appetizing rewards, such as gift cards.

Through a reward currency made up of points, if you play hard enough you can get redeemed for your time and take yourself shopping afterward!

And the pay is not bad at all for sitting around playing fun mobile games all day; on Mistplay, you can earn up to $3 to $5 dollars an hour. Time to bust out those killer gamer moves and make some easy money!

7. Surveys On The Go

Answer questions for pay.

Did you know that these days, you can download apps that pay you just for answering short surveys about your favorite subjects – entertainment, sports, media, and technology?

That’s the case for Surveys On The Go, a mobile market research platform that pays you for sharing your precious opinion on a wide variety of topics.

Surveys On The Go, despite being a new player on the field, is trusted by clients and companies alike – having collaborated with well-known and respected organizations. No worries!

Thanks to its trustworthy nature, clean design and easy navigation, Survey On The Go will quickly become your go-to part-time job, in case you’re willing to make answering surveys a part of your daily routine.

8. Foap

Sell your photos and videos.

If you’re a natural-born smartphone photographer, constantly snapping away at monuments, landscapes and people, Foap is the app for you.

On Foap, you can sell your photos and videos to brands and individuals around the world, as well as setting up shop by creating an online portfolio through the platform.

You can also be invited to go on specific brand missions for names like Pepsi or Nivea!

Anchored on their belief on the importance of collaboration, the company was born in 2011, and, is nowadays, boasts around 3 million users selling and buying photographs on the internet.

Did reading this entry make you want to bust out your mobile camera and start snapping away for some extra cash? Then Foap is the app for you!

9. Mercari

Get paid for decluttering.

Is it time for a spring cleaning again?

Cleaning can be exasperating – the dust that makes you sneeze, the old clothes that remind you have to start hitting the gym, the products you forgot to buy…

But Mercari can make your long dreaded decluttering process easier.

With Mercari, you can set up your own garage sale and find your clients without moving a finger. In this application, you get paid instantly, cashing out on everything from toys to clothes.

After you’ve made your sales, you can use your balance to go back into shopping mode. Waiting for you is a sea of gifts for just about anyone in your life – men, teenagers, children and… Yourself, of course!

10. TaskRabbit

Run small errands for money.

Jack of all trades? Sometimes, what we need to get some money isn’t so much a 9 to 5 but more of a series of errands with which you’ll never get bored.

If you’re the energetic type who always greets a new task with a big smile, TaskRabbit is for you! Through this application, you can sign up to run several different kinds of errands around your area – from assembling furniture to grocery shopping.

All you need to do is to download the Taskrabbit app to your mobile phone and you can put your handy skills to use – by becoming a trusted Tasker!

If you’re bored with nothing to do and want to make a quick buck by keeping busy, then this app is for you.

11. Qmee

Get paid for giving your opinion.

With Qmee, browsing the web and going on about what you like and don’t like (two things you’re probably used to doing for free) can guarantee you your next paycheck. Really!

How? Well, like other apps mentioned in this article, Qmee is a platform that compensates its users for answering surveys with cash prizes and rewards. You’re also paid for searching websites and clicking on certain results. Easy, right?

If saving up with gift cards and coupons all while surfing the net per usual seems like the perfect job for you, Qmee is the place for you – you can sign up for free today!

12. FriendPC

Make friends… and money.

Were you the most talkative in class, often getting sent to detention while a teacher scuffs that you’ll never amount to anything with that big mouth of yours?

They can’t all be right… Little did your teacher know that, nowadays, that big mouth can actually bring home the bacon, thanks to apps like FriendPC. In it, you’re literally getting paid to chat and make online connections!

In FriendPC, you can offer your services as a friend (and active texter) to people around the world, and get some easy money in the process. Everybody wins, right?

You can become an affiliate for free today and start making friends (ad cash) immediately!

Just don’t forget to text back, of course.

In conclusion; if you’re looking to make some quick, easy money without leaving your house or even looking away from your phone screen, you’re in luck.

These days, the job market, human connections, and even currency are steadily moving into the online – and there are multiple ways in which you can profit off this.

So, no matter what suits you best – either it is crushing game scores, giving your two cents on everything from media to technology, chatting 24/7, or even breaking a sweat at the gym – you’ll surely find the easiest gig you’ve ever had somewhere on this list.

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