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Welcome to my personal finance blog, howdoyougetrichonline.com

My name is Liz, and I’m currently living in California.

Back in 2015, I had no money and no savings. The only thing I did have was an increasing amount of credit card debt. One day I said enough is enough! That’s when I made the decision to fix my financial situation forever; I needed to figure out exactly how I could become rich.

I became obsessed with personal finance. Day after day, I read book after book, and attended a conference after conference and so much more. That’s when I started to uncover some essential advice which enabled me to escape debt, and more importantly, make money!

I was able to clear my student debt in just 18 months. A few years on, with the help of some mentors, I have used my new found skills to generate over $100,000 online.

My friends and family started to ask me questions about finance; which was a surprise in its self. But, what shocked me more, was the lack of financial information most people has. That’s when I decided to start this blog.

This blog is dedicated to sharing the advice and lessons I learned; which helped me to save money and make more passive income than I could ever imagine.

I now run this blog, with the help of a few knowledgeable friends who also blog.

Here is what to expect on my blog:

Tips on Making Money

As I mentioned, I have learned a lot about making money and I have tested many strategies. I don’t claim to know everything about making money, but I do like to share what I do know.

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Affiliate Marketing Advice

A large part of my monthly income comes from Affiliate Marketing, it’s my favorite way to make money. I get so many questions about how to start affiliate marketing. I share my tips on my blog.

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Tips on Saving Money

There was a point in my life where I was in a lot of debt. And now, even though I live debt-free, I still like to budget and be responsible with my money. I share my advice on how you can clear your debt & save money; so that you can invest your finances where it truly matters.

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Blogging Tips

One of my biggest requests has got to be for advice on how to run and start a successful blog. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

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Full disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser, I have no qualifications in personal finance, and I can’t promise what worked for me will work for you.