7 Unique Ways You Can Make Money Blogging on Squarespace

Can you make money blogging on Squarespace?

Can you make money blogging on Squarespace? The answer is yes! Here are 7 unique ways you can monetize a Squarespace blog.

So, you want to know how to make money with Squarespace? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I come across so many money-making tips for WordPress bloggers, but when it comes to monetizing a Squarespace blog, there’s nothing!

Well, that’s all about to change!

Why should you use Squarespace?

Let’s look at the reasons you should consider using Squarespace for your blog.

  • It’s super easy to use – drag & drop interface.
  • You can design a professional-looking site in minutes (perfect for busy small business owners)
  • Beautiful designs & templates included
  • Knowledge of website design or coding is not necessary

Squarespace is becoming more popular by the second. As the demand for websites & blogs grows; so does Squarespace.

The service has come a long way since it first launching, and I have no doubt they will continue to grow.

That being said, Squarespace is not ideal for everyone. As well designed & easy to use at it may be, Squarespace lacks the advanced functionality that some professional web designers and internet marketers may require.

If you want to heavily customize CSS code, optimize your site for SEO or use specific plugins; WordPress may be better suited.

If that last sentence sounded far too technical, then Squarespace should be a great fit.

Squarespace is perfect for small business owners (i.e., dentists, accountants), bloggers & anyone who lacks the time or knowledge for building a website.

Squarespace will eliminate the technical stuff so that you can focus on running your business or writing content.

Do you want to start your own Squarespace blog? Click here to start your free trial.

Now that we got that out the way let’s get back to how to monetize a Squarespace blog.

Here is a quick overview of how to make money with Squarespace:

  1. Ad placement
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. Build an email list
  5. Flipping your Squarespace blog
  6. Sell your own products & services
  7. Promote yourself

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Here Are 7 Unique Ways You Can Monetize a Squarespace Blog:

1. Place Online Ads

If you already have a lot of traffic coming to your blog, ads are one of the easiest ways to start monetizing your site.

It may come as a surprise, but you can monetize your Squarespace blog using Google Adsense.

There seems to be a huge misconception that you cannot use Google Adsense on Squarespace, but I’m about to show you exactly how you can.

How to use Google Adsense with Squarespace

As Google Adsense is a third-party service, you’ll need to activate your Adsense account using Squarespace’s Code Injection setting.

Follow these steps:

  1. On your Squarespace Home Menu, click Settings, then click Advanced, and then click Code Injection.
  2. Copy & paste the Google AdSense code into the Header field. Click here to learn more about Google Adsense

Once you have completed this, you can then start placing ads on your site. Use Code Blocks to paste the ad code into your content.

Note: Code Blocks is a Squarespace premium feature that is only available on the business plan or higher. If you’re using the personal plan, you’ll have to switch to the business plan for this to work.

2. Affiliate Programs

You can also monetize a Squarespace blog with affiliate programs.

This is where you recommend your favorite products and services to your audience. If someone ends up buying that product through your referral link, you’ll get paid a commission.

You don’t own these products, so you don’t have to handle shipping, returns or refunds. You just collect the check.

This is known as affiliate marketing, and it’s a great way to make money from blogging. Many well-known websites make huge money from this. Check out these 9 examples of affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn more about making money with affiliate marketing, click here.

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3. Sponsored Posts

Monetizing your Squarespace blog becomes easy with sponsored posts.

What is a sponsored post?

This is an advertisement on your site that looks like a native blog post. Your audience should find it hard to tell it apart from the rest of your content.

The subtle mention of a product or service, accompanied by a call to action is all that is required.

If you have blog traffic; companies within your niche may be willing to pay you a lot of money to feature a sponsored post.

Here’s an example:

A health & well-being blog may be approached by a teeth whitening company to feature a sponsored post on the site.

The title of the post could be something like “3 reasons smiling improves your health & happiness”.

This could be followed up with a call to action like “Click to discover how to brighten your smile & live happier.”

How do Sponsored Posts make you money?

The company providing the sponsored post will be willing to pay you for posting it on your blog.

That’s because they get the publicity and targeted traffic from your blog, that may lead to more sales.

How much you get paid for a sponsored post depends on your niche and the amount of traffic you have.

How do you get a company to sponsor your posts?

Watch this video for some tips.

4. Build an Email List

If you’re serious about monetizing your Squarespace blog, building an email list is a must! Here’s why:

You may have thousands of people coming to your site every month, but a lot of those people will never stumble across your blog again.

That means you only have one shot of making money from each visitor. The odds suck!

But, if you have an email list, those odds drastically improve!

Having communication with your audience will allow you to notify them when you have a new post; bringing them back to your site over and over again.

An email list is also good for building a relationship with your audience.

People find it easier to buy from people they like & know. So, if you want to make money from your Squarespace blog, use an email list to build awareness of you and your business.

This is called a sales funnel.

How to Start an Email List

First of all, you’ll need an opt-in email form to capture email addresses. I like Optinmonster or Leadpages.

Once, you have that sorted; you’ll need an email marketing service so that you can automate the emails you send out to your list. I recommend using GetResponse.

5. Make Money Selling Your Squarespace Blog

This may sound weird, but it’s an actual thing. If you have a blog that gets targeted traffic, someone may be willing to buy it for a worthy price.

This is called Website Flipping.

There are even marketplaces, such as flippa.com, where people search for listed websites to buy.

Why Would Someone Want to Buy Your Squarespace Blog?

The truth is, people are lazy. They could start a blog from scratch. But that involves writing tons of blog posts and other timely tasks.

Some people prefer to buy blogs that are already traffic & content-rich. And, if you have such a blog, they would want to buy it for a considerable amount of money.

For example, think of dog shop owners who want to reach more dog owners (potential customers).

It will take those shop owners months to build a content-rich website that receives traffic.

That’s a long time; that they don’t have. They’re already busy running their dog shops.

Now, one smart dog shop owner decides to purchase ‘thedogshop.com’; a blog for sale that already receives lots of traffic from dog owners & lovers.

With a few changes and tweaks, that smart dog shop owner now has a new source of potential customers; and has eliminated a competitor at the same time.

Now, can you see why this could be of interest to some businesses?

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6. Sell Your Own Products & Services

You now have traffic, an engaged audience that reads your blog regularly, and an email list.

What’s next?

It’s time to start selling your products & services.

Now you may already have some ideas of what to sell. Or, maybe you’re already selling your own products. But if you’re not, you can relax; it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Here are some simple things you can sell to make money from your Squarespace blog:

  • Write & sell ebooks
  • Offer consulting services within your niche.
  • Host exclusive webinars, videos & articles.
  • T-Shirts (Use printful.com to print & ship your designs on demand)

Also, monetizing Squarespace blogs is now easier than ever with the built-in e-commerce features.

It’s super easy to build and launch an online store that looks professional & stylish. Watch this video:

7. Promote Yourself

This is something that is often overlooked, but one of the best ways to make money with your Squarespace blog is to promote yourself.

Your blog has provided you with a platform and a communication tool to reach people within your chosen niche. Now that you have that tool use it to expand across other platforms.

With each post, share it across social media. At the end of each post add a call to action for people to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

Then watch your brand grow.

If you adopt this method, the question no longer becomes ‘how can you monetize a Squarespace blog?’ It becomes ‘how can I monetize Squarespace, Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest & LinkedIn?’

Do you see how this can be powerful?

By leveraging your Squarespace blog, you’ll reach more people and make even more money.

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Ways You Can Make Money Blogging on Squarespace

Squarespace FAQ

So, can you make money blogging on Squarespace? I hope this post has answered your question (the answer is yes!).

Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you out.

What Are Some Alternatives to Squarespace?

If, for whatever reason, Squarespace isn’t the platform for you, here are noteworthy alternatives:

  • Wix – one of the most popular website builders. Like Squarespace, Wix is known for its easy-to-use interface and beautiful designs.
  • Weebly – Known for its friendly user interface, Weebly is an excellent choice for bloggers who want to focus on writing content.
  • WordPress – For the professional who wants no restrictions, unlimited functionality, and an in-depth user interface. Some of the largest sites in the world use WordPress.
  • Shopify – If your main aim is to design an e-commerce store, Shopify could be the perfect choice for you.

Is Squarespace Good for Blogging?

Squarespace is one of the most popular and affordable website-builders available. For an affordable monthly cost, Squarespace offers a one-stop customizable experience that is ideal for blogging.

The beautiful drag-and-drop user interface means that your blog can be up and running in minutes.

Blogging on Squarespace is effortless and enjoyable. But remember, the key to an excellent blog is the content. Squarespace will help you to design an awesome looking blog, but it’s down to you to write the epic content.

Do I Need Web Hosting For Squarespace?

When you sign up for a paid plan on Squarespace, your web hosting will be included. If you choose to be billed annually, you’ll also get a custom domain name (free for the first year) and a custom email address.

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Thank you for reading 7 Unique Ways You Can Make Money Blogging on Squarespace!

So what do you think? Do you now know how to make money with Squarespace?

Is there anything you think I should add? Do you have any tips on how to monetize a Squarespace blog?

Or, maybe you have a question. Comment below, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

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