How To Make a Full Time Income With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make a Full Time Income With Affiliate Marketing

My secret tips, tricks and techniques for making a full-time income with Affiliate Marketing, with ease!

Throughout my quest to get rich online, I’ve tried hundreds of methods. My biggest regret? – Not focusing on Affiliate Marketing in the beginning! Promoting affiliate products is one of the easiest, cheapest and most profitable ways to make TRULY passive income online!

In this post, I’ll share all my techniques and knowledge on how to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing. Whether you’re beginner, or someone looking for some advanced tips to increase your monthly income,  I promise this post won’t disappoint.

My Background Story With Affiliate Marketing

In my early days of trying to make money online, I did attempt affiliate marketing, but I had little success. Finding the right products to promote and generating traffic proved to be harder than it looked. That was until I found a mentor!

This mentor (whose name shall not be mentioned), has built a 7-figure affiliate business using the same strategies I will be showing you. Since applying the awesome techniques my mentor taught me, I’ve been generating way more than a standard full-time income every month; without lifting a finger. That’s right, totally passive.

Funnels Are King!

The golden days where you could send one email and make profit are long gone! If you seriously want to make money online, profit funnels is the way to go. This is exactly what my mentor taught me, and it’s how I’ve generated a totally passive full-time income every month.

It’s called profit funnels, because you’re funneling your audience through a process where you train and educate them on the product you’re promoting. A knowledgeable audience always coverts the best!

So how do you get started?

I use a product called ClickFunnels to direct my traffic towards. It’s simple to use, converts the best and it’s proven to work!

You can sign up for a free 14-day trial here. Some people even start making money, before their first bill!

Don’t panic! I promised this would be super easy…

I’ve put together a FREE 7-day email course, that will teach you everything you need to about setting up and successfully launching your own profit cycle funnel.  I will even share the exact Click Funnels template I use; which is already proven to generate income every month! Here’s what you will learn:

DAY 1: How to Build a Kick-Ass Email List

DAY 2: What Affiliate Offers Should You Promote?

Day 3: Creating Email Marketing Automation That Actually Converts

DAY 4: Where & When Do You Make Money?

DAY 5: Best Way to Drive High Quality Traffic to Your Funnel



Golden Rules of Affiliate Marketing

In this business, your reputation, influence and authority are key! If you’re new to affiliate marketing, there are common mistakes that you can make which can hurt your reputation.

Just like any business, you will make mistakes along the way (it’s part of the learning curve). BUT fortunately for you, if you follow these simple, yet golden rules; you’ll keep your reputation and authority in tact!

Follow these rules:

Promote What You’d Use!

There’s millions of affiliate products you can promote and make money from, but that doesn’t mean you should sell anything. Ask yourself, “Would I use this?”.

Remember, you’re selling to REAL people who have worked hard to earn their money. Promoting crappy products will annoy your audience, damage your reputation and they won’t buy from you ever again. That’s why, personally, I only promote products that I would use myself.

Start With Your Passion

If you’re just starting with affiliate marketing, I would recommend beginning in an area you’re passionate about. It’s so much easier to talk & write about something you’re actually into. For example, if you’re into health & fitness, look for products within the health & fitness niche.

I know it sounds obvious, but so many people make the mistake of picking products because of the attractive high-commission payouts. Or, they have heard someone else is making money from a product.

There’s enough products for everyone. Stick to what you love!

ALWAYS Be Honest

One of the easiest ways to promote affiliate offers is to review the products you use. HOWEVER, this does not mean you should lie about a product to convince your audience to buy. People are not stupid, they will recognise your dishonesty and they won’t trust you. Always give your 100% truthful opinion about a product. Give both the Pro’s and the Con’s.

How To Make a Full Time Income With Affiliate Marketing

Promote Your Affiliate Offers Everywhere!

Don’t talk about your products in just one place. So many people just build an email list and that’s it! Do you have a Facebook group? Do you have a YouTube page? Instagram? Pinterest? The answer should be YES, YES, YES and YES!

Here’s the thing…

Most people need to see a product multiple times before they decided to buy. Promoting your products in multiple places will not only help your exposure, it will help convince those people who didn’t buy the first time; second time; or third etc.

Don’t Give Up!

Affiliate Marketing can sometimes be slow in the beginning. You won’t have much content, your email list isn’t huge, and your traffic is low. Don’t be one of those people who give up way to soon, it takes time to grow an audience.

Think of it this way…

Each bit of content you create, and every email you send is like planting a seed. At first it won’t look like much, but it will soon blossom into a huge forest. I’m still making money from blog post I created 7 years ago! So don’t give up on your affiliate seeds before they have the chance to blossom.

Track Your Traffic & Affiliates

This is something I wish did in the beginning and I highly recommend you doing it as soon as possible! Knowing EXACTLY where your quality traffic is coming from is super valuable. It allows to see where to spend more time on promoting and which platforms convert the best for your niche.

For tracking my website traffic I use Google Analytics; which is free. For tracking my affiliate codes I use Build Redirects which gives me total control of each affiliate link; as well as easily allowing me to track the CTR.

Click here to try Build Redirects for just $1.

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Sign-up for your FREE 7-day email course, that will teach you everything you need to about setting up and successfully launching your own profit cycle funnel.  I will even share the exact Click Funnels template I use; which is already proven to generate income every month!

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