Frugal Millionaire: 9 Ways Being Frugal Can Make You Rich

Frugal Millionaire: 9 Ways Being Frugal Can Make You Rich

How living a frugal lifestyle can lead to gain wealth and riches. The following frugality lessons many people have used to become millionaires and achieve early retirement.

If you’re anything like me, the thought of living a frugal lifestyle sounds intriguing. Having the willpower to spend less, increase my net worth, and have extra money each month sounds wonderful. But it sounds like hard work.

We all know frugal living can help you cut down on expenses per month but can being frugal make you rich? If so, this may be the extra motivation we need to start living a frugal lifestyle today!

Can being frugal make you rich?

Frugality alone will not make you rich. That being said, the lessons and habits you develop from being frugal are fundamental for building wealth. It is important to have healthy financial habits to build wealth. 

Planning, discipline, and practice can help you to become a frugal millionaire. It is not always easy, but by being frugal, you can oftentimes become rich. Sometimes sacrifices will need to be made to plan financial success for your future. 

Learning to be disciplined financially now can help you achieve wealth down the line. Being patient and determined to make smart financial choices can help you to one day become rich.

Taking the time to manage finances, budget, look for discounts and deals, and invest wisely are ways that being frugal can help you become a millionaire one day.

Are millionaires frugal?

Surprisingly, many millionaires tend to be quite frugal. Being smart with money is how many established wealth in the first place. Saving and taking the time to pay attention to money has helped many become rich.

In fact, Warren Buffet, one of the richest people on the planet, lives an extremely modest and frugal lifestyle. He drives the same car he has driven for years. And, he has lived in the same house in Omaha since 1958 – a real estate investment he purchased for just $31,500 (now worth over $270,000).

Frugality alone did not make Warren Buffet a billionaire; however, we can learn some key frugal principles from Mr.Buffet and other rich people.

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9 Ways Being Frugal Can Make You Rich

Here Are 9 Ways you can become a frugal millionaire:

1. You’ll know how to manage personal finances

Frugal living can set you up for financial success in your future. You will learn how to manage your personal finance better by adopting a frugal lifestyle. And, being able to manage your personal finances successfully is key to building wealth.

Make a List of What Comes In and Out Per Month

You can start managing your finances by making a list of what comes in and goes out each month. You may see that you are spending even small amounts of money on unnecessary things.

Little things can add up. Before you know it, small charges can end up costing more than you expected in the long run. Take a good look at your bank account and see where you can save instead of spending.

Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

Another way to better manage your personal finance is to cancel unnecessary subscriptions. Little monthly charges can add up on apps and services you don’t use anymore. Going through your bank account to make sure you aren’t paying for things you don’t use is ALWAYS a good idea. 

Trying to manage your finances can seem difficult at times. Luckily, there are apps available to help you manage your finances. This article from LifeHack lists 9 great apps for easy financial planning. 

2. You’ll know how to stick to a tight budget

Being frugal will teach you all about budgeting. Sticking to a budget and not overspending is one way you can save you money now so that you can be a millionaire in the future.

Learn How to Budget

If you are unsure of how to budget, take the time to learn how. You could try an online personal budgeting course from somewhere like You could also pick up a book or two about budgeting from your local library for free. 

There are also plenty of budgeting apps on the market today. NerdWallet lists some of the best budgeting apps in this article.

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3. You can make financial cuts when necessary

When in a bind, you will know where to make cuts that won’t detrimentally affect you or your family. Being frugal can help you better adjust to financial cuts that need to be made in the future.

Financial cuts that need to happen down the road may be much harder to make if you do not know how to prepare for them. Many unfortunate things can happen that can cause the need for financial cuts. If bad circumstances arise, you can rest assured knowing that you are prepared. 

Making financial cuts can save you money in the long run, too. Saving on certain things now can set you up to be rich one day.

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4. You can negotiate the best deals 

Practicing frugality will often lead to you learning how to negotiate a better deal. Saving even a little money on an item you can negotiate the price on will help you save your money. 

Trying to get the best price on something will help you save money so that you can live comfortably in the future. 

Negotiation is a large part of business, and learning to negotiate the best price is a skill. Skills like this can take you far in the business world, help you keep extra money, and build wealth.

Frugal Millionaire: 9 Ways Being Frugal Can Make You Rich

5. You’ll learn how to research and shop for the best offers

Living a frugal lifestyle will help you learn how to research and find the best offers on things you want and need. Doing this will save you money to put away and build wealth for the future. 

Shopping for the best offer is one way to save money. You can do this by searching for deals or visiting websites that offer deals on things you may want or need. lists some of the best discount shopping websites in this article.

You can also start comparing prices when you shop. Sometimes you may notice that you were paying more for one brand over the other and didn’t even realize it.

Being aware when shopping, especially for food items, is one way that frugality can help you cut back and save for the future. 

6. You’ll have more cash available to invest

Saving money by being frugal will leave you with extra money to invest. Investing now can help pave the way for financial success in your future.

You can invest in plenty of ways. You can start a savings account that pays interest, set up a Roth IRA for your retirement, or you could invest in the stock market. Doing any of these responsibly can make you rich one day. 

If you are new to investing, it is worth it to check out some literature about investing to be a smart investor. This article from offers ways to invest your money wisely. 

7. You learn to make tough decisions

Being frugal will help teach you how to make difficult decisions. This is because you will often have to make sacrifices for things you need as a frugal person. 

Sacrificing luxuries is just something that needs to be done if you want to save money to become a millionaire one day.

Cutting back on spending money will help you become accustomed to having to make decisions and sacrifices.

This can help make you a better business person and a better investor, both of which can help make you rich someday. 

You can start by going through your bank account and seeing what luxuries you spent money on in the last 3 months.

This may include food delivery, meals out at a nice restaurant, or unnecessary clothing purchases. All of these are things you can cut out of your monthly expenses and instead save the money for the future. 

8. You will learn to be disciplined

Budgeting and money planning takes plenty of dedication. It is not always fun or easy to stick to a budget, but doing so will teach you discipline.

Being disciplined can help you make smart decisions when it comes to business and personal finance. Having a good hold on both of these things can help you to become rich. Discipline is needed in business, and learning discipline now will only help you in the future.

Following the rules often has much to do with financial discipline. There are certain financial rules you should follow to obtain wealth. This article from CNBC details some money-saving rules that helped one person become a millionaire at 28.

9. You will learn to be patient

Just as you will learn discipline, you will learn patience by being frugal as well. Patience is certainly a virtue, especially when it comes to financial matters. Being patient now with finances will help you to enjoy the fruits of your labor in the future. 

Patience can pay off when it comes to business and investments, too. Being patient with your investments and holding on to some long-term can help you achieve your future financial success.

Frugal Millionaire

How do you become a frugal millionaire?

You can become a frugal millionaire by saving money, making budget cuts accordingly, and spending money wisely. Not everyone has what it takes to become a millionaire, but the benefits of the frugal lifestyle outweigh the bad.

If you want to get rich one day, then saving money now and planning for the future will help you reach your financial goals. By reducing your cost of living and investing well, you can be build wealth and enjoy early retirement.

By now, I hope you’re ready to start living a more frugal lifestyle. Save your money, make good investment decisions and enjoy early retirement.

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