Clickfunnels Alternatives: Free & Paid Funnel Builders to Try (2022)

ClickFunnels Alternative

Looking for a ClickFunnels Free Alternative? I searched for the best high converting funnel builders that are cheaper alternatives to ClickFunnels. Here’s what I found.

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If you’re looking to grow your business online, funnel builders and high converting landing pages can rapidly explode your growth.

But, if you’re just starting out and are strapped for cash, ClickFunnels can seem to be a rather pricey investment.

Personally, I use ClickFunnels; and later on, I’ll explain why.

That being said, people often asked me to recommend a free or cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels.

That led my curiosity to research the best funnel builders; to see if I could find a ClickFunnels free alternative; or at least a decent cheaper option.

Here is a quick overview of the best ClickFunnels alternatives:

  1. BuilderAll (Free Alternative)
  2. LeadSanity (Free Alternative)
  3. Leadpages
  4. Samcart
  5. Unbounce
  6. Instapage
  7. ThriveThemes
  8. 10 Minute Funnels
  9. Pipe Dive

When it comes to finding ClickFunnels free alternatives, the best one I found is a funnel-building platform called LeadSanity.

Before I share my findings in more detail, I think it’s important that I explain a few things:

What is a Funnel Builder?

In a nutshell, a funnel builder is a tool you use to construct the main elements of a sales funnel.

This is similar to a landing page builder, but with one big difference. With funnel builders, you can create infinite sales pages in a sequence (referred to as funnels). This allows you to easily add upsells and recommend more products to a customer, before they reach the checkout.

A good funnel builder will include an easy-to-use interface; which will allow you to design multiple pages, using drag-and-drop functions.

You should be able to navigate your traffic through the sales process, as well as handle the conversion.

Out of all the funnel builders, ClickFunnels is currently the best one available. But, there is much other funnel-building software on the market.

What is ClickFunnels?

As I briefly mentioned above, ClickFunnels is currently the leading funnel builder available, however, it’s so much more.

First, let’s talk about Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, and best-selling author of the books, Dotcom Secrets & Expert Secrets.

Russell is not only the CEO of ClickFunnels, he’s the pioneer of this entire sales funnel strategy.

He used these exact processes to build his business into one of the fastest-growing companies around.

He’s now coached thousands of entrepreneurs on how to make millions using his ClickFunnels software. And, for me, this is what makes ClickFunnels the best funnel-building software.

Building funnels is made simple with ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is the only software that will take care of the ENTIRE sales process; including hosting, email list, and payment process. One platform does it all.

Watch the video below for a demo:

It’s also a unique community of entrepreneurs, to find advice and resources. Russell includes TONS of free training and tools, which guarantees the success of your funnel.

If you’re new to building funnels, it’s worth signing up for ClickFunnels’ 14-day free trial, just to gain access to the free training and resources.

Below I showcase my detailed opinion on the best alternatives to ClickFunnels. (Including 3 free ClickFunnels alternatives).

Keep reading!

Kaelin AKA Ladyboss, a female entrepreneur starting out with NO tech experience and NO product, launched her first funnel and changed the lives of 1.3 million women in less than three years.

Kaelin has a FREE web class to show you exactly how she built an online empire using ClickFunnels. Click here to watch.

1. LeadSanit

If you want to create landing pages for your business, product, or service, LeadSanity is something to check out.

The newbie package is free to use. However, there are quite a few limitations.

Here’s what you get on the free plan:

  • Limit of 2 landing pages
  • 10,000 monthly visitors
  • 10 templates
  • Limited email support
  • Real-time analytics
  • Split testing capability
  • 850+ in-house graphics
  • Form code integration
  • Upload your own images
  • Pop-up forms
  • Screen size preview

If you’re just starting out with funnels, this could be a decent option, to begin with. That being said, the free version of LeadSanity really lacks the capability to make any significant money from your funnels.

2. Builderall

This is a growing funnel builder, which I actually like. Their user interface is quite friendly and their premium has a lot of features you will need.

They do have a free version, however, it’s extremely limited. If you want to do anything remotely serious, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan pretty quickly.

I guess the free version is for beginners who really want to demo the product and learn how to build funnels, before investing in a monthly plan. Which is fair enough.

More ClickFunnels Alternatives

For those of you looking for a cheaper Clickfunnels alternative, here are a few options I found.

3. Leadpages

Leadpages is a popular landing page builder that comes in at a slightly lower price point to ClickFunnels.

That being said, when it comes to building funnels, ClickFunnels is capable of so much more. Leadpages’s cheapest option is super limited so; I’d recommend looking into the pro version; if you’re looking to do anything advanced. I actually posted a ClickFunnels Vs LeadPages, detailing the differences between the two.

If you’re interested in checking out LeadPages, they also offer a 14-day free trial.


I mentioned Builderall as a ClickFunnels free alternative, but as I said, their free version is extremely limited! If you’re serious about using funnels, you will need to invest in their premium version, which currently costs $69.90 per month. That’s still a slightly cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels.

How to Use ClickFunnels for Free

In my opinion, ClickFunnels is worth the money; especially when this tool can help you to earn thousands each month.

That being said, if you’re just starting out, here are a few ways you can use ClickFunnels for free:

Make use of the 14-day free trial

Here’s the thing, if you’re willing to put in the time, dedication, and effort to build a successful funnel, you should be confident that you will make money.

You have two weeks to use ClickFunnels, and build a funnel that is generating money. If you succeed, you will hopefully earn enough money to cover your first ClickFunnels payment.

And if for whatever reason, you do not make any money, you can cancel anytime within the 14-day trial period. Therefore, there’s no risk to start now.

So, the real question is, how much do you really believe in yourself or your product?

Become a ClickFunnels affiliate

ClicksFunnels have an awesome affiliate program that will pay you a 40% recurring commission for every person you successfully refer to use their software.

Educating just 2–3 of your friends about funnels, and getting them to sign up to ClickFunnels, will easily cover the cost of your member. This technically means you’re using ClickFunnels for free.

You could also reach out to people on social media, or help local businesses to improve their sales process. This can also be good practice in building high-converting funnels.

Learn before you start

Okay, so this isn’t really a way to use ClickFunnels for free, however, it’s a great way to help you can the confidence.

Russell Bruson has 3 awesome books available for you to learn exactly how he uses sales funnels to grow businesses fast.

Kaelin aka Lady Boss also has a FREE web class; teaching you exactly how she built an online empire using Clickfunnels. Click here to watch

ClickFunnels Alternatives FAQ

Is there a free version of ClickFunnels?
ClickFunnels offers a free 14-day free trial. However, after your free trial, it’s a paid product; and it’s totally worth it.

What is cheaper than ClickFunnels?
If you’re looking for the best cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels, I suggest looking into LeadSanity or Builderall.

How can I get ClickFunnels for free?
The truth is there is no legally free version of this software. If you’re new to ClickFunnels, take advantage of your free 14-day trial. If you use the software the way it’s intended, you should be making enough money to afford the software after the trial has ended.


After completing my research and testing out these alternatives, there’s only one noteworthy winner, and that’s still ClickFunnels.

In my humble opinion, the tools, features, training, and resources that are ClickFunnels offers beat any other funnel-building software on the market. It’s worth the price.

However, I’m aware that not everyone else may feel the same. And, some people may not be in a situation in which they can currently afford to invest in ClickFunnels.

In that case, feel free to check out some of these free ClickFunnels alternatives and make use of the free trial periods that they offer.

For more, watch the video below:

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