Supplement Your Income: 21+ Ways to Make Extra Money

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Supplementing Income

Looking for the best ways to supplement your income? Discover how to make extra money and increase your salary or cash flow…without getting a second job

Having extra money after meeting your monthly expense demands is a wonder to most. You and I both know that certain lifestyles require an X amount of cash that a full-time job does not always supply, emergency fund included. Supplemental income is the only answer to sustaining daily living and increasing cash flow. 

The thing is, how can you supplement your income without getting a second job? Should you opt for an online business, or are there other ways to accumulate supplemental income? Although the choice is ultimately yours, I can tell you that there are several options to earn money.

And no, you don’t have to get another job with the options below. You can always opt for one of the side gigs in our list below and make money without lifting a finger.

Let’s roll the cash flow dice and see how you can earn an extra income with 21+ ways to make money.

The reason why supplemental income is important

Earning a second income has become a must for most of us. Waiting for your monthly salary can become quite tedious and draining; earning a few extra dollars can reduce the pressure.

Supplemental income will also bail you out of the many unforeseen circumstances that can happen, leaving our jobs to become unstable.

In this case, other alternatives to make ends meet can be extremely useful in paying for additional unexpected expenses and also accumulated day-to-day living expenses and bills.

The best ways to make extra income

1. Become a user experience tester

So, how do you become a user experience tester? As we all want to make a supplemental income to ease the load of financial pressure, getting to know different ways to do so is an advantage. If you look at website owners, they all aspire to reach their online goals and make money. Easier said than done, not?

That is where knowledgeable user experience testers like you come in. Your insight on the ins and outs of testing websites is helpful to the owner, and this job can help you make more money.

The job involves sharing your knowledge of whether a website is user-friendly or not will enhance your cash flow. You’re a website owner’s solution to all his online traffic problems so why not test websites and pay your bills!

2. Earn money by giving your opinion

Are you good at voicing your opinion? Here’s your opportunity to earn residual income using this invaluable trait. Online surveys are not an easy job regarding earning, but working towards it can make a big difference.

If you are someone that never gives up, then this is for you. What have you got to lose? Try it, hang in there, and it could help grow your bank balance. All you have to do is to complete online surveys to accumulate cash.

3. Use apps to get cashback 

Do you like spending time on your mobile phone? Here’s an excellent job for you to supplement your earnings while enjoying what you do best. You can use various apps and turn this into a very lucrative side business.

Many mobile apps are available, such as Dosh & Ibotta, were created for this purpose. So go ahead and accumulate supplemental income to pay off your debt.

4. Becoming a social Influencer

Most people love social media, right? Why not build up your social media account and start earning. You can become a successful Influencer and accumulate followers. 

Do some soul searching, find out what you excel in, and use this to your advantage. Get in contact with large corporations that you feel will benefit from your Social Media platforms.

These businesses are hungry for traffic on their websites, so why not use your skills to make a regular income. Several affiliate marketing sites will benefit from your endeavor. They also offer partnerships with huge brands if they see you as a valuable influencer.

5. Convert photos on your phone to cash

Are you an avid photographer? Simple pictures of nature, food, drinks, or historical sites can earn you an additional income. There is no experience needed as you might already have these pictures readily available on your phone gallery. 

You can market and convert these pictures into supplemental income. Foap is amongst the websites that pay you for your pictures. Here’s your chance to earn money from pictures that lay idle in your camera roll.

6. Get paid to take part in focus groups

Make your opinion count! Join a focus group. Your professional advice could be of great help to someone in need. Maybe you have excellent parenting skills that you could share with young moms or even just bursting with general knowledge and fantastic opinions. 

Use your spare time and find interesting topics that you can discuss. This could be a very profitable side hustle. Shop around for focus groups at community centers in your area and add your insight and earn! Your free time and insight can become a business.

7. Use Your Car for Advertising

Did you know that you can earn more than $200 per month by driving around with an advert attached to your car? Wrapify is an app designed to help you find clients who need this service.  

There is a high demand for this type of advertising. Clients are prepared to pay to use your car to advertise their product. The great part is, that the more you drive, the more you earn. It’s one of the easiest ways to generate supplemental income, and it’s growing day by day! 

8. Deliver packages for Amazon Delivery

For those who have spare time for a side gig, Amazon Flex offers the opportunity to become the Courier Guy. You can do deliveries in your spare time and enhance your bank account balance. Amazon delivery services are a local demand, so there’s always a package waiting to be transported.

You have the freedom to create an additional paycheque aside from your full-time job and maybe take that dream vacation sooner than you thought possible. 

9. Generate extra cash by ride-sharing

Are you always on the road? If so, then why not turn that trip into an earning machine. Use the popular app Roadie to connect with people that require your lift services. 

You could also deliver a parcel to someone on the route and charge for the delivery. It’s additional money you’ve always wanted, so why not turn your commute into a business that can contribute to an emergency fund.

Being a lift club service provider can be a great source of supplemental income, especially if you drive daily. Whatever amount you make can supplement your petrol expenses and much more.

10. Start your own niche blog

We all have something that we’re good at, so why not share that knowledge on your own website? Someone out there may be looking for tips or a new pot or pan for their kitchen, and you could also share tips and earn.

Everybody is looking for insight on one subject, so why not convert your knowledge into supplemental income? If your blog attracts traffic, chances are that relevant industries may approach you to include them in your article.

Additionally, affiliate marketing sites are excellent to use when selling items. You get paid by the supplier for items purchased just for your hand in promoting them.

11. Put your spare room up for rent

Many tourists look for a place for short-term rentals when visiting a town or city. Hotels are ridiculously overpriced, so people use other options to save on accommodation expenses. Renting your spare bedroom can become a great source of finances to pay bills, especially if you live in an area with a huge tourist attraction.

You can also opt to rent your home for a period of time. Airbnb has proved to be a very reliable app that you can use for this service. It’s popular amongst holidaymakers who are looking for affordable accommodation.

Airbnb covers you for damages with a handsome compensation if such occurs. Guests are also insured if accidents occur while they are on your property. This can eventually turn into a seasonal business.

12. Rent out your vehicle

Car rental companies sometimes run out of cars for hire. Having a spare vehicle is a bonus as you could rent it out and earn cash. There are several companies that allow you to rent out your vehicle through them.

The earning potential is excellent, and you will also be covered for any damages. Some renters have reported an annual earning of more than $10 000. It is a side business opportunity that has the potential to help you pay off debt.

13. Trade in your old devices, DVDs and music for cash

Upgraded your contract? What did you do with that old phone, gaming system, or laptop? We don’t realize is that those items can convert to cash instead of lying dormant in the collector’s cupboard. 

Second-hand gadgets are sought after by those who can’t afford new ones if they are in good working condition. You can sell them locally via Facebook Marketplace or use several reliable sites that buy unwanted gear.

We often watch a movie once, and then it is done with unless it’s an all-time favorite. Thanks to this amazing app, Decluttr, you can now get rid of those unwanted movies and music discs in exchange for cash. 

There’s no need for you to go through the hassle of advertising the item, and it’s an easy process to sell and accumulate supplemental income.

14. Rent out your unused baby gear

Baby gear is sought after by many who can’t afford to buy them brand new. Why not continue owning your baby gear while renting it out? This will generate supplemental income that will be handy.

An excellent website to rent out your baby gear is BabyQuip. You can rent out your baby’s used items at a small fee to you. Current users have reported over $500 monthly earnings by doing just that.

15. List your unused items online

Sometimes we are too lazy to get rid of old items, so we throw them in the garage or attic, where they collect dust. There are many ways to sell your unwanted goods, including sites like eBay and others.

You can also opt to sell them via Facebook Market Place and several other reliable apps. We all know that used clothes that no longer fit can take up a lot of closet space, and I say sell them, don’t hoard them, and earn. 

Kids outgrow their clothes super quickly. What do you do with all these clothing items? Look at one of the most famous apps used by mums and dads to sell unused kiddies items. Kidizen is an app known for selling used clothing still in good condition.

Gift cards have an expiration date, so you’d better use them or sell them before it’s too late. There are plenty of people who will benefit from it, so why not put it up for sale on Raise and earn some cash off?

You can use the extra cash as you wish and maybe treat yourself!

16. Rent out what you own 

We have already discussed a few things that you could rent out, but how about renting the other stuff you own. Many people are looking to rent rather than buy, and if you look at the demands for rented stuff with the popular Fat Lama, you’d be surprised.

You can rent out anything from projectors to cameras, your faithful lawnmower, your bicycle or bike, and plenty more. If you have an item useful to others, then advertise it.

The earning potential is incredible, and you could accumulate a big client base that may use your services often.

17. Get paid to watch or play video games online

Yes, you can earn easy money just for watching video games online. Several websites have a demand for streamers where users can benefit. Amongst them is kashkick and much more.

Convert your time watching video games into supplemental income. It is one of the easiest ways to earn.

If you have the time and gaming experience, this is for you. Some professional gamers are raking in over $50,000 annually; the earning potential is phenomenal. Amongst them are the online gaming gurus who earn thousands of dollars per hour.

Are you one of the people who have the potential to turn your gaming skills into cash? Playerup is one of the most favored sites amongst gamers. If you have what it takes, why not give it your best shot and reap the rewards!

18. Sell your kids’ used clothes to earn extra cash

Kids outgrow their clothes super quickly. What do you do with all these clothing items? Look at one of the most famous apps used by mums and dads to sell unused kiddies items.

Kidizen is an app known for selling used clothing that is still in good condition. Other websites that you can also use to sell your items include Craiglist, Poshmark, eBay, and ThredUp.

19. Become a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is a good way to generate additional earnings. Although becoming a mystery shopper is not always easy, there is great potential in earning. All you need to do is act as a secret shopper to find out what type of customer service employees display.

So many mystery shopping companies are looking for willing participants. All you have to do is sign up with one to become a secret shopper. You will be given a store to test out their customer service. Your report, whether good or bad, will earn you money.

20. Write resumes for job seekers

Lots of people are in search of jobs but don’t have resumes. While some do have them, they may not be up to professional standards, which could be a downside. We all know that first impressions matter, and a resume is a direct impression of a job seeker.

If you are good at developing reumes, why not offer your services online? Linkedin users are also often looking to enhance their profiles, and your analysis and insight could pay off. Resume writing is a quick and easy way to make extra money, especially if you’re good at it.

21. Become an Online Tutor

If you’re someone whos knowledgeable in Math, Science, English, or other subjects, why not lend your knowledge to high school students? You can even go further and offer English lessons to second-language speakers. There are thousands of foreign-language speakers worldwide looking for these tutoring services daily.

Seeing that English is the universal language of communication, many people want to learn it. You will find apps like italki, which list several online teaching jobs. If you have experience tutoring, that will also be a bonus to get you started, earning you a good amount of money.

22. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

If you’re a pet lover, this is the perfect way to earn extra cash. Many people are looking for someone to pet sit or dog walk daily, and checking in at your local veterinary caregiving center will be an excellent way to get started.

You can earn an average pay of $40 to dog walk. Apps like Rover are leaders in connecting dog walkers and pet sitters to owners. The service is beneficial to pets and their owners, but it also earns you money.

23. Become a Freelance Writer

Why not offer your services as a freelance writer if you write well? Many websites are in search of freelance writers to write content daily. You don’t need to qualify, just a good understanding of the client’s expectations and an excellent vocabulary.

Sites like Fiverr are excellent for marketing your skills, and it has a worldwide client base to easily get writing gigs.


Making money can be easy if you know how to, as many jobs are available. I have shown you easy ways to enhance your finances with side hustles. We all need cash to meet our financial needs and carry us through the month.

Sometimes we fail to realize we have valuable items lying around or staring us in the face that we are blinded to. Through the years, some of us have accumulated more assets than others, most of which are laying in storage.

Remember, that nothing goes well without a plan. Budgeting is a vital tool that should always be used when money is a part of the equation. Save money when you can. This will ensure that you live well and spend wisely!

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