16 Modern Home Office Ideas for Women (With Small Spaces)

Modern Home Office Ideas for Women (With Small Spaces)

Discover the most modern home office ideas for women & the best home office ideas for small spaces; combined into 16 modern workspaces for a female boss to DIY on a budget!

Most of my readers work from home (or aspire to). That’s why I get so many requests for modern home office ideas for women, small spaces, and on a budget.

Don’t worry! I got you covered!

Being a woman who works from home is never easy. Finding the motivation to be productive at home is difficult on the best of days.

Also, keeping your mind focused and away from home tasks can be a struggle.

That’s why having your own environment to work and feel comfortable is essential.

That being said, finding the room to set up a home office can be tricky. Especially for those who have a family or live in a studio city apartment.

In this post, I’ll reveal the best modern home office ideas for small spaces.

I scouted the internet for the best home office ideas and workspaces. Here are a few criteria I was looking for:

  • Natural lighting
  • Modern and comforting environments
  • Uncluttered layouts
  • DIY home office ideas on a budget (they need to be easy to replicate)

Whether you’re a work from home mom or female entrepreneur, these 16 ideas include the most stylish female executive office decor; which I hope will help to inspire your home office set up.

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The wait is over! Here are the 16 most modern home office ideas for women:

1. Female Executive Chic Home Office

Three words: luxurious, modern and fancy! The has got to be the ultimate female executive office decor! From the beautiful desk and carpet to the stylish accessories and shelving; this has been decorated to perfection. I’m sure any work from home entrepreneur would love this workspace.

Credit: thefancythings.com

2. Classy Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

This has to be one of my favorite home office ideas for small spaces. This is super classy, super elegant, and it shows what can be done with little room. This office set up next to the window brings in so much natural light; however, the under shelving lighting takes this decor to another level. This can be achieved in the smallest of spaces.

Credit: acasadelas.com

3. The Mom Boss Home Workspace

The Mom Boss Home Workspace

This one is for the moms who work from home. It would be best if you had a modern office fit for a female boss, and that is exactly what this set up is. The female executive office decor pink theme brings an elegant touch to this mom boss workspace. Color coordinating is a must when it comes to office design.

Credit: involvery.com

4. Modern Farmhouse Furniture Workdesk

This is a simple and effective way to turn a farmhouse-style desk into a modern home office, perfect for small spaces. I think this office decor is super cute, and it adds so much personality to the room. I love the light hangings.

Credit: acasaqueaminhavoqueria

5. DIY Storage Cabinet Workspace Ideas

Make use of what you have. A repurposed wooden desktop on top of two storage cabinets is required to pull off the modern home office setup. This stylish office decor provides an elegant workspace to be proud of. One visit to Ikea can help you to pull off this look.

Credit: shift-interiors.com

6. Corner Office With Family Decor

Whether you’re a female boss or a working mom, having reminders of your family or friends can boost your mood. It will also provide you with the motivation at the moments you need it the most. This DIY home office is super cute, bright, and elegant; and achievable to do on a tight budget.

Credit: Pinterest

7. Standing Desk Home Office Ideas

Standing Desk Office for the Active Women

Being stuck behind your desk all day can lower your energy and productivity levels. It can also keep your physical activity to a minimum. This standing desk will encourage you to be more active and more energetic all day. This can also be great for keeping your posture intact. The height of this desk can also be adjusted (so you can sit if you choose to). I love the design of the simple yet productive workspace.

Credit: ergonofis.com

8. The Neat and Comfy Office

The Neat and Comfy Office. Make Amazing Sh*t Today.

This home office is super sophisticated, sleek, and comforting. I love the exposed brick wallpaper and the “Make Amazing Sh*t Today” decor, which adds fantastic personality to the workspace. It’s essential to have quirky such things to keep you motivated. For me, this chair brings the ultimate comfort to this setup. This is the ideal female executive office decor and furniture combo!

Credit: ourcitynest.com

9. DIY Table and Bench Home Office Decor

DIY Table and Bench Home Office Decor

This repurposed farmhouse-style table provides the perfect home office space for a hardworking mom or female executive who works from home. The decor provides a modern and inviting environment, spacious enough for two people to work. This home office desk can easily be to the focal point of the room. It can also double as the perfect dining table, making it one of my favorite home office ideas for small spaces.

Credit: Instagram

10. The Portable Female Executive

The Portable Female Executive. Home  office ideas for small spaces.

Do you have limited space available? Maybe you live in the city or a shared apartment. If so, you’re most likely looking for the best home office ideas for small spaces. The truth is, with a laptop, you can work from anywhere, and you don’t need a lot of room. This is a perfect solution you female executives who want to bring work home with you. However, if you work from home full-time, you will need more space.

Credit: ourcitynest.com

11. Modern Corner Home Office Setup

Modern Corner Home Office Setup

This sleek corner set up is genius, and it’s the perfect home office solution for small spaces. The white decor, window, and lighting provide a spacious feel in such a small area. The shelves also provide excellent storage. This is the ultimate way to make the most of the office space you have without interrupting the rest of the room.

Credit: acasadelas.com

12. Elegant DIY Floating Desk

This is another one of my favorite home office ideas for small spaces. It’s elegant, practical and takes little room, which can also be made with little effort and cost. All you need is a floating wall-mounted desk and modern lamp and an Eiffel-style chair. And ta-dah! You have the perfect home workspace for female executives and entrepreneurs. Also, the ladder bookcase is an excellent addition to the decor.

Credit: Instagram

13. Modern Style Window Home Office

This workspace is simple yet super modern and stylish. I love window-style home offices because it adds so much light; as well as a spacious feel. This is perfect if you only have a small space. The decor is fantastic, and I love the plant, which adds such a comforting and calming atmosphere. The Dawood chair adds to the modern theme of this stylish work environment.

Credit: veguci.com

14. Chalkboard Home Office

I think this idea is genius and super creative. It would also come in handy for me, as I’m always making notes. This home office has utilized the small space in style. The chalkboard, combined with the spacious shelving provides the perfect workspace for a creative entrepreneur.

Credit: veguci.com

15. Cozy Female Home Workspace

This is another one of my favorite home office ideas for women! This is so cozy, modern, and cute! This is perfect for anyone who is looking to set up a workspace in their bedroom. The black picture frames add a modern touch to the coordinated color decor, and the under shelving light helps display the entire workspace.

Credit: veguci.com

16. Modern Home Office CorkBoard

If a chalkboard seems too impractical, you can opt for a corkboard workspace instead! I think this is another genius home office idea, which you can easily decorate however you wish. This makes it super easy to ass notes, reminders, pictures, and quotes to create the female executive office decor vibe you want. I also love the picture on the outside wall.

Credit: veguci.com

And there you have it! 16 modern home office ideas for women to set up in small spaces! Feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what you think. You can also check out my home office ideas Pinterest board below for more inspiration.

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