12+ Home Office Organization Ideas, Hacks & Tips

12+ Home Office Organization Ideas, Hacks & Tips

Organizing your perfect home office has never been easier with these genuis DIY hacks, ideas, and tips – designed to help you declutter your workspace and maximize your productivity.

Did you know that a tidy and uncluttered work environment and improve both your mental health and productivity?

With more people working from home than ever before, it’s important for us all to understand the importance of keeping a clean workspace.

Plus, no-one wants to reveal their untidy office over video conference.

Below I have listed 12 incredible home office ideas and hacks, to help you organize and keep your workspace tidy.

1. Use Drawer Dividers to Organize Stationery

Transform your office junk drawer into a beautifully organized desk drawer with one of these neat dividers. Desk drawers can keep your desk tidy and your most essential office supplies in reach at all times.

2. Use a Desk Tidy or Tray to Organize Your Office Supplies

Stationery and office supplies are necessary, but they can make an office desk look seriously untidy. If you have this problem, use boxes, trays, or a desk tidy to organize your most essential stationery and documents. Choose a tray or tidy that compliments the theme of your home office set up; so that it becomes part of your decor.

3. Install Floating Shelves for Clutter-Free Storage

If you’re limited for space, a floating shelve can add valuable space to keep your office supplies insight and reach. It’s also the perfect solution for adding photos, plants, and office decor to customize your home office.

4. Organize Office Supplies with a Pegboard

Pegboard backdrops are an awesome way to organize your office supplies and essential tools. It’s also a great way to customize and decorate your working space. Try adding shelving, cup holders, and room plants to spice up your office decor.

5. Create Your Own Home Office Command Station

If you’re limited for space, consider building your very own home office command station. This is a well-organized wall or space that is equipped with home office essentials. This can include office supplies, calendars, schedules, and of course, a surface to work or place your laptop. The truth is, you can organize and arrange your command station how you want to maximize your home office productivity.

6. Maximize Your Office Storage Space

To put it bluntly, the more storage opportunities you can create, the better organized you can keep your office supplies. However, in limited spaces, finding the right amount of storage can be challenging. I suggest using shelving, office desks with built-in storage, or cupboards that can also be used as an extra shelf. It’s important to make your storage units blend into your office theme. This will help your office to look spacious and clutter-free.

7. Organize Your Thoughts with a Pinboard

Bulletin boards and pinboards are a great way to collate your daily thoughts and keep your desk organized and free from clutter. Adding a pinboard to your office setup will allow you to clearly identify important notes, documents, to-do lists, and anything you need to remember.

8. Keep Work Documents Organized with a Filing System

Office files and documents can be a messy nightmare! Take the time to organize your files into a filing cabinet system. This will keep your office desk tidy and paper-free, as well as allowing you to easily locate documents when you need them.

9. Double your storage space with Cubies

I absolutely love these cubies! This is the perfect way to add tons of storage for all your office supplies. You can see everything for easy locating; and access. They also come in a range of different sizes. Make sure you add some home office decor to your cubies to customize your room – plants, photo frames, and candles work well.

10. Label your office supplies for ultimate organization

I know this is unnecessary; however, if you’re an organization freak like me, labeling your draws, boxes, and folders is something you should consider. This makes finding the right document or office supply super easy. Plus, it’s so fun designing and printing labels!

11. Store your office supplies with box organizers

These office boxes and organizer ideas are perfect for storing your home office supplies, documents, and other miscellaneous items. This boxing will keep your office clutter-free and tidy at all times.

12. Take Advantage of Natural Light and Windows

Tons of natural life will bring life and space to your work environment. Positioning your home office desk next to a window will make a small space look twice a big! This will help your room to feel less closed and cluttered.

Did you find these home office organization ideas helpful? Do you have any ideas, hacks, or tips you think I should try? Comment below to let me know.

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